We did better with review replies this time around. If we didn’t get to yours, please don’t be offended. We answer in the order in which they’re. Sorry about the review replies for last chapter, which were pretty much non- existent. But please know that we appreciate each and every one. Dear Mr Masen has 8 ratings and 2 reviews. Stefanie said: Overall, I really liked this story. In the beginning, it was really funny and kinda sweet, but.

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So I headed off to the server room, wondering, as I had been all week, what Edward could possibly be sending me today.

Dear Mr Masen Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Masen,” he said cautiously. Not with Ebola, though. I now dreaded the immediate reality before me: Thinking I should at least apologize again for the way I’d dropped in on her, I sat at my desk and reopened my laptop.

But not today, I have other plans.

I’ve already given you so much, but I’m willing to play ball. He smiled sweetly at me, reached in the back pocket of his jeans, and slapped something on the table.

Deaar if we were to cuddle more intimately than we did. I didn’t want to blame her for anything. I shudder to think what he cear planned for the second date – perhaps an AARP Conference, or a trip to the local Duane Reade to get his mother’s prescriptions filled. Crowley asked, walking swiftly over to my desk and motioning to jr hard drives.

But the division I was in was taken over by a crazy woman. Bella didn’t want anything more to do with me. I sighed in frustration and ran a hand across my face.


My goodness, those chocolates you left me were absolutely sinful. I’m usually much more attentive when I have guests in my home. It was full of promise. I’d been so caught up in my own pain that I had failed to take note of Bella’s.

Cullen is here to see you. I didn’t mean to say that,” I quickly corrected. That wouldn’t be the case with Bella.

Carlisle seemed satisfied with my answer, but I wasn’t fully certain of anything these days. It wasn’t every day a corporate criminal made desr chicken soup. I just need time. There’s no need to be so nasty. Carlisle was understandably horrified and tried to get a hold of his daughter.

I suppose it was inevitable, what with how narrow the couch is, so I tried not to read too much into me. I must warn you though, it would take quite the culinary masterpiece to erase the fact that this woman Perhaps this Sunday morning you could ask someone for a pricing gun The call disconnected and I stared at the phone as if doing so would somehow change what had just happened.

And then we discovered that we liked writing together, so much so that we turned that long chain of rambling emails into first few chapters of a real story. I’m sorry about that. We have a meeting tomorrow. I’ll take care of his smug ass when I’m feeling better.

Dear Mr Masen Chapter 21, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

I spoke to HR and explained that you probably deserve some sick pay after all the computer work you’ve done for me. I, on the other hand, had as much credibility as the National Enquirer. Considering Bella was kind and beautiful, such a fact might end up being very difficult cear prove. Uncomfortable enough for me to start visiting the SoHo store?


Dear Mr Masen

There was nothing I liked more than seeing people enjoy my food and I was really excited about the menu. Well, I looked back once, but only because Seth noticed there was water in the watercooler. Usually I slept until eight — a true luxury — and indulged in simple tasks that other people probably took for granted.

It had dragged, too. If we didn’t get to yours, please don’t be offended. I was a man who prided himself on learning — someone who was unfamiliar with the concept of failure or frequent mistakes.

nasen Now, maybe if the sheep were doing something more than jumping over a fence But he had charmed his way into my life before I knew what he looked like, so I suspected that I would have been excited to see him regardless. I should let his parole officer know he was doing a good job. I had once called one of Bella’s disaster dates a clown. I still wasn’t feeling particularly well and it wasn’t like he was here to sweep me off my feet.

You logged one hour and fourteen minutes of unauthorized Internet usage on May 28, I was a selfish, selfish fool.

Internet Usage Dear Mr. Carlisle regarded me silently while I waited for him to elaborate. I was apparently incapable of giving her what she needed, and I was not being given yet another chance to prove myself.