INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on purchasing the dbx Model XT Compressor/Limiter. We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual. dbx x. PROFESSIONAL SINGLE-CHANNEL. COMPRESSOR/LIMITER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Used with the permission of AKG ACOUSTICS, INC. View and Download Dbx X instruction manual online. X Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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Input signals which fall be- low this level will pass through the 1 60XT unprocessed except for fixed gain changes directed by the output control. It can be seen as a good or not according to what you want, but in my opinion, color the sound is not a compressor Microphones and bass guitars, like guitars, typically have low-level out- puts.


We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual as it provides information that will assist you from system installation to opera- tion to special applications. The metering is smartly made and the bright LEDs help you to see exactly manyal you level is at.

Plug in the AC power cable to power On the unit. When I have tried it in the studio it really does not sound like some of my compressors that cost 160c the same. Verify that the 1 60XT package contains the following: This will provide accurate processing for a stereo programming.

I also use it on kick or room mics. You will have a lot of control over your music but you can do the same with software as well except the software limiters just arent as good, unless you spend a ton of money on a limiter and compression plug in and in that case the dbx x would be cheaper to go with because it is not expensive at all anymore.

  DSE 5210 PDF

Preventing tape saturation With programs of widely varying levels, compression can prevent record- ing levels from saturating tape tracks see Frequency-weighted compres- sion, page Also, do not remove the cover without first disconnecting the dbxx from the manjal supply.

All user reviews for the dbx 160X

This analog limiter is a rack mmanual unit that can also be used as a compressor as well. Such sources can be balanced or unbalanced — this is no problem for the 1 60XT. A setting of 2: The wire that is colored blue must be connected to the terminal that is marked with the letter N or colored black; The wire that is colored brown must be connected to the terminal that is marked with the letter L or colored red.

When you need it, it triggers the button “slave” on one of two compressors, and it made all the settings on the other.

For more detailed information, refer to the specified pages. The sound of the unit is not what I want in a compressor db all things. This gain reduction would cause the perceived image of any sound spread between mamual two channels to move toward the side which had not been compressed, because the spread signal would be momen- tarily softer in the compressed channel.

The over-easy is the voice or if you just want to smooth the level of an instrument without audible compression effect. For the price it is a bit high for my liking and I would not get this unit for the studio but that is my opinion and I am sure that there are many studios that use them in-house for manuap and other instruments but for me it is way to compressed sounding even on a light ratio and with not much input gain it can be heard.


The XT will catch it, and dbxx it as a constant tone so you can adjust your EQ to minimize it. If you are still unable to solve a problem, contact our Customer Service Department for consultation. With some experimen- tation, the effect can be that of zero attack time at a given frequency.

DBX X-XT Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

I own or have owned a few compressors: Depending on the THRESHOLD setting, lower level fundamentals or harmonics will not cause compression, and the program is not subject to the phase shift nor- mally dvx by program equalization.

Another option is to install an output trans- former, which will allow grounding of either pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type out- put see page The sound comes off fairly well with the Bass Drum which itself goes into a via a bus the table manula, which is exactly what I was looking Rear Panel [ 3E?

And A are made in China If you need to return a product to the factory for service, include a letter describing the problem. Connection to an inappropriate power source may result in extensive damage which is not covered by the warranty. In hard-knee compression mode, the thres- hold is defined as that point above which the out- put level no longer changes on a 1: