Synchronicity: the bridge between matter and mind by F. David Peat. Authors; Authors and affiliations. K. V. Laurikainen. K. V. Laurikainen. 1. ch. The problems of the psyche are now interesting people and C.G. Jung is evidently beginning to be understood. David Peat’s book on synchronicity is a new. by F. DAVID PEAT PhD Synchronicities are the jokers in nature’s pack of cards for they refuse to play by the rules and offer a hint that, in our quest for certainty.

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Fortune and the Prepared Mind. Peat is the author of many books including a biography of David Bohm, with whom Peat collaborated, books on quantum theory and chaos theory, as well as a study of Synchroni He has worked actively as a theoretical physicist in England and Canada.

Went to the racetrack and picked two winners. This cavid has no external links. Pauline and I look at each other perplexed.

Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind

This book tries to marry ideas of quantum physics, psychology, and abstract thinking into one singular thought. Such synchronicities are the subject of F.

Sinchronicities are a curious phenomena that is This may be one of the most memorable books I’ve read in Joyce rated it really liked it Aug 25, It’s not until the last chapter, ” Seeking the Source ” pp. In his quest he comes to many of the conclusions McGilchrist would write in his book The Master and his Emissarybut from an entirely different perspective.


Mar 04, Robert rated it really liked it.

Ideas on Synchronicity – F. David Peat

Sep 17, Leonardo marked it as not-yet. It presents the theme through the modern scientific physics theories, mixes it with Jung’s transcendentalism and is not afraid to schetch it’s own bold conclusions. Ornan Rotem syncheonicity – Asian Philosophy 3 1: In this he drew attention to the resemblances between synchronicity and James Joyce’s notion of Epiphany – special moments of illumination. History of Western Philosophy. Or you can watch Glee.

Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind by F. David Peat

Indeed Jung invented another word, the psychoid, to describe that level which lies beyond matter and mind and contains them both. The Bridge between matter and mind. Time, Synchronicity and Evolution.

Through the Eyes of Science, Myth, and the Trickster. Allan Combs – – Marlowe. Setians, Initiates, Chaos Magicians. For the scientifically trained like myselfthis was a great way to explore the facts vs the fiction.

Pauli’s dreams also form a significant aspect of Jung’s “Psychology and Alchemy”. They suggest the existence of patterns that embrace both mental and physical worlds. View all 3 comments. We all experience them, but few understand them.

Three chapters are about Sigmund Freud pp. Cosmos and Inscape Synchronicity: Un libro que realmente establece un puente entre la mente y la materia. Jun 22, Craig Williams rated it it was ok.


I thought this was a well-written book, it has 8 chapters, each one makes its case clearly, with lots pet interesting references, including the work of Jung, Pauli, Prigogine, Einstein, Bohm, Sheldrake, Heisenberg, Hume, Koestler, Freud, Casimir. With fascinating historical anecdotes and incisive scientific analysis, this important work combines ancient thought with modern theory to reveal a new way of viewing our universe that can expand our awareness, our lives, and may well point the way to a new science for the twenty-first century.

Return to Book Page. Check it out and you will be synchronicitty to definitions of time, meaning, considering God anew and be reminded of or shown how rational thought surfaced out of the void. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Synchronicities sometimes occur when people are in times of crisis or change, in love, engaged in highly creative work or on the verge of a breakdown. A synchronicity is something that happens that appears to be a coincidence: One of the best books on the subjects of interconnection of subjective and objective reality.

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