In , the distinguished German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the first of a series of mental collapses that would afflict him for the rest. Schreber, Daniel Paul, – [Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken. English]. Memoirs of my nervous illness / by Daniel Paul. In , the distinguished German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the first of a series of mental collapses that would afflict him for the rest of his life.

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This was interesting diary of a man who struggled with mental illness in the 19th century schizophrenia and gender identity disorder. Perhaps Deleuze and Guattari got the memoirs mixed up with Georges Bataille, who did indeed write a marvelous essay entitled “The Solar Anus.

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber

And that is why reading this hallucinatory confessional is so disturbing: I think it is possible that you—at first as I am quite prepared to believe only for therapeutic purposes—carried on some hypnotic, suggestive, or whatever else one could call it, contact with my nerves, even danil we were separated in space.

Some of these are obscenities Fuck the sun! See this year’s top trailers in under mfmoirs minute, including Avengers: What I can say is that he wrote a detailed compelling look inside this part of debilitating mental illness, and a glimpse of what it might be, illnss be imprisoned within one’s own mind.

Deleuze and Guattari advocate for the schizo which is never the same thing exactly as extolling the virtue of your everyday clinical schizophrenic.

Schreber believed himself in contact with God. There was only one remedy; as his doctor noted: Each human soul was composed of nerves which derived from God who with “His” own nerves was the ultimate source of human existence.

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. So in other words a true life story. This happened in The author appears to have a great deal of attachment to a self-conception of himself as a rational, intelligent, eloquent thinker, and makes every effort to convince the reader that despite his illness, this is still the case.


I am reading this for the third time. He never stopped hearing voices, bellowing, or receiving communications from birds woodpeckers, blackbirds, swallows, crows, and sparrows but not pigeons, chickens, geese, or ducks. He is clearly logical and intelligent and “Memoirs” is his ultimately successful attempt to reason himself out of commitment to the asylum and back home to his wife. Strictly speaking God only initiated nerve-contact with human beings through dreams or inspired states in poetry, etc.

Memoirs is simultaneously one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read and one of the most grueling feats of mental fortitude I’ve ever subjected myself to. Memoirs of My Nervous Illness is based on the journal written by Daniel Paul Schreber, a distinguished German judge, while incarcerated in an asylum under the watch of the obsessive Dr.

Schreber’s explanations always come down to his own certitude of what he has perceived and experienced, i. Now Schreber is intelligent enough to realise that this means one of two things: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

And, my God, friend: The jury is out for years on what Schreber had, or what he means. The level of detail and obvious intelligence of the author leads one to reconsider the difference between being mentally impaired and being healthy.

Psychiatric diagnosis is still more art than science and until we get to where we can diagnose by some concrete biological test as with a physical illness, we will diagnose on symptoms and that’s always hazy, subjective, and mostly intuitive and Gestalt-like. This, I think, is a great compliment to Foucault’s Madness and Civilization.

Emil Paul Flechsig Jefferson Mays Click here to buy this book Amazon.

Daniel Paul Schreber

Im Anhang wird es eigentlich erst spannend, man kann sowohl das Empfinden des Dqniel nachlesen wie auch die Perspektive des Arztes auf dieses. It challenges the reader’s perception of perception while making him or her doubt their decision to read it in the first place. Schreber accused Flechsig of attempting to murder his soul and change him into a woman. How could he make sense of it all again?


I highly recommend this book as one of the most harrowing direct accounts of mental illness imaginable, as well as powerful of a tragicomedy as ever written about the human experience. However, recent documents have shown Schreber’s father to be an absurdly strict disciplinarian, and his own brother committed suicide in his 30s. His attempts to grasp what he saw and heard, and his attempts to make sense of them, will continue to inspire and cause fury in the drawing rooms of psychiatrists and the few cloistered Freudians who survive.

We are now accustomed to effete Muslim suicide bombers such as Mohammed Atta and Salman Abedi taking out their repressed homosexuality by killing others to relieve their own inner torment. Guess which option Schreber goes for See 1 question nervojs Memoirs of My Nervous Illness…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Daniel Paul Schreber German: A question that naturally arises is: Much of what was formerly schizophrenia has gone over t Great book about what it’s actually like to go crazy!

Bizarre but ultimately dull as far lilness I am concerned. A schizophrenic man writes in detail about the events that have happened to him since he first became mentally ill.

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber | : Books

At his most unwell Schreber believed that The Order of the World was so utterly in a state of abject strife that no living humans currently occupied it save himself, and that all people with whom he communicated were fleeting-improvised.

Written by an accomplished and respected German jurist, Memoirs is part of a long appeal against an official, court-sanctioned decision to incarcerate the author in a public mental asylum. He believed his primary psychiatrist, Prof.

In defense of Schreber. About Daniel Paul Schreber Daniel Paul Schreber sfhreber the son of the preeminent nineteenth-century German medical authority on child-rearing.