Beam system (‘flush beam strip’) and load influence areas for a discontinuous line support according to DAfStb Heft [10] The nodes at the end of the. Formanderungen von Stahlbetontragwerken, DAfStB – Heft (Remedies to analyse internal forces and moments of steel reinforced concrete structures). July ). Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbeton (DAfStb), Heft , Ernst & Sohn , Berlin, Germany, (in German). DIBt (): Merkblatt über die Kennwerte.

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Assistance and recommendations are published at various places in order to fill these gaps. For this reason, several universities contributed to preparing completely new dafstg that take these changes into account and will be published as Issues and from to supersede the previous publications.

This is supplemented by considerations on indirect bearing.

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Furthermore, their application will in future be focused on checking numerical calculations. Diese Luecke fuellend finden sich an unterschiedlichen Stellen veroeffentlichte Hilfestellungen und Empfehlungen.

Uebertragung phys ; The critical areas of deep beams are the support areas. These old issues are still being used in structural engineering even more than 26 Issue and 420 years Issue after their last editions.

This article provides a summary of the author’s key aspects regarding support areas. Hefts Issue [1] and [2] of the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete DAfStb have been intensively used by engineers in day to-day practice since the first edition. Both documents are not exhaustive at present. They have proven to Kann dieser Nachweis nicht erbracht werden, empfiehlt es sich, die Lastuebertragungszone fuer die hedt Lagerung explizit zu bemessen.

  ISO IEC 15420 PDF

This paper presents an overview of the new issues and refers to their main contents, datstb added parts and background information.

New DAfStb Issues 630 and 631 supersede Issues 220 and 240

Find a library where document is available. The new editions were reviewed by DAfStb bodies and independent consulting engineers to ensure their immediate practical applicability. Over time, however, the contents of Issue became increasingly popular.

Die kritischen Bereiche von wandartigen Traegern sind die Auflagerbereiche. The determination of the actual mechanical properties of the materials used in building is a central element in the reanalysis of existing load-bearing structures. Ergaenzt wird dies durch Ueberlegungen zur mittelbaren Lagerung. Figures; References; Tables; Pagination: Kann im Falle einer mittelbaren Lagerung der primaere Dqfstb nachgewiesen werden, kann die Lastuebertragungszone konstruktiv bewehrt werden.

If the primary support node fulfills the nodal strength checks in the case of indirect bearing, the load transfer zone can be reinforced following prescriptive detailing rules. Their design and detailing require particular attention, especially when limits are extended. Beton- und Stahlbetonbau Volume: If these checks cannot be fulfilled, it is advisable to explicitly design the load transfer zone.

Sep 14 8: Die Auflagerknoten sind sowohl bei unmittelbarer Lagerung als auch bei mittelbarer Lagerung nachzuweisen. Issue concentrates on guidance and recommendations for determining internal forces for framed structures, slabs, deep beamsSLS verifications such as deformationand various detailed checks such as splitting tensile or edge stresses occurring under partial-area loading.


Dieser Aufsatz stellt eine Zusammenfassung der nach Meinung der Verfasser wesentlichen Aspekte bezueglich der Auflagerbereiche dar. The first choice document for the detailing of deep beams for decades, the DAfStb Heftis nowadays no longer ueft in all issues with the now valid Eurocode 2. However, their contents urgently required both alignment with current codes and standards Safstb and incorporation of new findings and fields, such as fire design and numerical simulation.

Auflagerbereiche wandartiger Traeger

Ihre Bemessung und konstruktive Durchbildung beduerfen einer besonderen Beachtung, insbesondere wenn in Grenzbereiche vorgestossen wird. Vollstaendig sind beide derzeit eafstb. This website uses cookies. The support nodes must be checked both in direct bearing and in indirect bearing. When you use this website, you accept the use of cookies.

These guidelines proved to be valuable aids in both structural design and structural integrity verification. Generally, such values can be Auflagerbereiche wandartiger Traeger Support areas of deep beams Die kritischen Bereiche von wandartigen Traegern sind die Auflagerbereiche.