BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Dacryodes edulis is a medium-sized, evergreen tree attaining a height of. m in the forest but not exceeding 12 m in plantations. Abstract Dacryodes edulis is a dioecious, shade loving, evergreen tree, indigenous to the Gulf of Guinea and widely cultivated in other tropical parts of Africa for. PDF | Dacroydes edulis is a plant with many trado-therapeutic seeds are used traditionally as a remedy for stomach problems like.

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The name of the genus comes from the Greek word for teardakruon. A dipterous insect that mines the young leaves leads to continuous growth of the eddulis because the leaflets drop before they mature.

The biodiversity of African plants. In Congo Brazzaville, the leaves are boiled with those of Lanata camaraCymbopogon citratus and Persea americana dacrodes water to form a decoction for treating malaria. The seed kernel is also rich in oil of the dacryoeds fatty acids and approximately in similar amounts[ ]. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands. Nutritional constituents of the seeds of the African pear Dacryodes edulis.

The leaves of Dacryodes edulis elicited very high antioxidant effect when analyzed against three assay methods: However, this antioxidant capacity was ascribed to the mono and sesquiterpenes present in the plant essential oil.


So highly traded are the safou fruits edulls transactions now cut across local and international boundaries, so much so that the fruits are marketed in specialized markets in Europe Awono et al.

Dacryodes edulis – African Orphan Crops Consortium

The resin from the bark is used to treat parasitic skin diseases, jiggers etc[ 46]. Male trees may produce a limited number of female flowers, and thus some fruit[ ]. The compound leaves are glossy.

Origin and geographical distribution: Phenotypic variation of fruit traits from trees from four populations in the humid lowlands of Cameroon. Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine in Africa. The edylis sap is used as ear drop to treat ear trouble, while a leaf decoction is prepared to produce vapour that treats fever and headache Bouquet, ; Bouet, There is no information about soil types preferred by the crop, suggesting that soil requirements are not very exacting.

The wood of D. Plants For A Future have a number of books available in paperback and digital form. Inflorescence axis is cm long or may be longer and deeply grooved.

Nectar from the flowers yields a much appreciated honey.

Don have long been considered as the most unambiguous synonyms Boutelje, The leaves are the source of a dye[ ]. Forests Trees Livelihoods, In Congo, the most important pest, leading to a burnt appearance of the leaves, is the caterpillar of Sylepta baltoataa pyralid moth.


Dacryodes edulis – Wikipedia

Fruits are ellipsoid drupe and vary in size, x cm, resembling olives. The leaves are chewed dacrjodes kolanut as an antiemetic. Dacryodes edulis is an evergreen tree attaining a height of 18—40 meters in the forest but not exceeding 12 meters in plantations.

The wood is moderately heavy and elastic, the texture moderately coarse[, ]. The flowers are pollinated by Bees, Insects.

The fruit contains about 1. The tree is used as an ornamental plant and is known to improve soil quality by providing large quantities of biomass.

Furthermore, the ethanol extract of the stem bark gave oil that contained thirteen compounds including hydrocarbon 1-isopropylmethylnonylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid octadecanoic acidketone 3-methylheptanone and an alcohol 6-methylheptanol Okwu and Ighodaro, Copy and print the QR code to a plant label, poster, book, website, magazines, racryodes etc and even t-shirts. Fruit – raw or cooked[ ].