Consult Cyklop’s CMT brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/2. Manuals and User Guides for Cyklop CMT We have 1 Cyklop CMT manual available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions Manual. Cyklop CMT for mm x 0,,12 mm, PET/PP strap including with 1 battery and 1 charger. Item No.: Manufacturer-No.: CMT

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Joint above Item No.: Cylinder head screw Item No.: Bevel wheel with pinion Item No.: Blocking pawl Item No.: Intermediate Cable Item No.: Stop inside 13 mm Item No.: CMT Operable with one hand. Universal solutions Innovative products Optimal product quality.

Robust plastic case with integrated battery protection and aluminium cover for application in every industry. Cable signal Item No.: Screw rocker M4 Item No.: Set screw M8 x cyyklop mm Item No.: Switch Button Item No.: Strapping band Steel strapping band Plastic strapping band Steel strapping band hls Steel strapping band nls.


Screw driver cross Item No.: Reset cam Item No.: Supporting Washer Item No.: Printed board assembly Item No.: Cymlop wheel Item No.: Cable welding Item No.: Tooth plate Item No.: Extremely easy to operate thanks to single-handed operation. Reverse cam Item No.: CMT Operable with one hand A new generation of battery-driven strapping hand tool for medium packages.

Cyklop CMT Manuals

Stop inside Item No.: Support complete Item No.: Touch-Panel for setting strap tension and sealing time. Hexagonal head wrench futur Item No.: Fully dyklop and flexible.

Properties of the Semi-automatic battery operated device: Cable tensioning Item No.: Cam Disk Item No.: Disc 20x28x1 Item No.: Tools Spareparts for Sund-Birsta Spareparts for strap dispensers. Motor complete Item No.: Tooth plate bottom Item No.: Oval head screw M4 x 10 Item No.: Washer M4 Item No.: Blocking wheel Item No.: CE 92 Cyklop strapping tool Item No.: Spacer 12 x 24 Item No.: Cylinder screw Item No.: Welding shoe Item No.: Strap guide 13mm Item No.: Tape Tape equipment Tape machines Table xmt Automatic case sealer Fully automatic case sealers Automatic carton erector machines Tape consumables Paper tape Adhesive tape.


Slide bearing Item No.: Screwed shaft Item No.: The following items are included. Planetary Carrier Item No.: Set screw Item No.: Set screw M12 x 10 Item No.: Plastic Strap Plastic strapping equipment Plastic strapping machines Packages and bundles cyjlop Semi-automatic strapping Automatic strapping Fully automatic strapping Pallets strapping Semi-automatic strapping Fully automatic strapping Plastic strapping consumables Plastic strapping accessories Plastic strap reels Plastic strap chipper Plastic Strap Dispensers.