El curso es homologado en España por la DGMM, Dirección General de la Mundial de Socorro y Seguridad Marítimo (SMSSM/GMDSS) a los Capitanes y. Curso de GMDSS – Rádio Operador – Unidade Macaé. Public. · Hosted by West Group Treinamentos Industriais. Interested. GMDSS RADIO OPERATOR. PURPOSE. To qualify the student, not waterway, to exercise the duties of General radio operator, in accordance with Regulation IV.

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The West Group instructor: The course will be durso in 11 days 88 hours. Undoubtedly, the privilege to be recognized by both is something that makes reference to our company with regarding to compliance of technical standards, which certifies the quality of the training offered. Los docentes son profesionales altamente cualificados. We go, where you are.

Panama, Marshal and Liberia Maritime Authority, thus it is regularly inspected by this well-known and respected authority. Nossa Sra da PenhaEd.


English, French, German, Italian, etc. Because the equipment operated have the English as official language. Internatinal Requeriments Corporate Ph: The course is valid for three years recommended. The 88 hours are subdivided into: General principles and basic characteristics of the G.


Cursos de GMDSS e Simuladores GMDSS

Operational procedures cureo detailed operation of the practice of the GMDSS systems and their subsystems. Directed to captains and officers in charge of the navigation guard of civilian ships under the GMDSS in any navigation area. Send me more information. Do you want to add a review?

Cursos de GMDSS e Simuladores

Both courses, recognized in the entire world, are also accepted by Petrobras and certified by the Panamanian Maritime Authority. He sido afortunado por haber ucrso a Escola Port como academia para formarme, ha sido un gran acierto.

Gift wrap this and we will send it to the address you specify. The theoretical-practical course that will enable you to perform functions related to the radiocommunications service on board includes: Theoretical and mainly practical course, with Vox Maris simulators, which will empower you to perform the functions related to the radiocommunication service on ships under the GMDSS, for all maritime zones -A1, A2, A3 and A4- both for regular communications such gmmdss in situations of distress, urgency and safety, communication with maritime rescue, watchtowers or coordination of rescue operations.

Alejandro Copado — February 19, High skilled recognized by Brazilian institutes, bilingual and real knowledge on the practical training. Presentation of theoretical content, using visual and printed material about concepts, rules and daily applications of radio frequency for use in a emergency situation and routine. The basic number of daily lesson should be 08 hours. Interactive classroom with electronic board.


But it is good that the student have a basic understanding of English. Capabilities and operating procedures for communications. David — November 21, Recently has obtained its re-certification ISO Operation of equipment in simulators that make up a radio station performing routine and emergency communications that make up the daily life of a radio station using global standards.

West Group is pleased to announce the newest training modality – a targeted and more flexible way for expats to do ggmdss Recognized Brazilian NR training in the United States or Worldwide.

Everyone gmsss would like to work as Radio Operator. Our Training Center and courses are recognized and accredited by the: