Shri Lal Bahadur Shasri, Prime Minister of India, visited Anand on 31st October for inauguration of the Cattle Feed Factory of Amul at Kanjari. As he was. CSR activity at AMUL – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A report. amul csr ppt. Uploaded by amaygujrati. csr activity done by amul ..!!!!!!!! Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PPT or read online from.

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They have taken necessary care to ensure that this sapling survives and they also reported regarding the survival to village level coordinator and district milk unions zctivities five months. In SeptemberAmul emerged as the leading Indian brand according to a survey by Synovate to find out Asia’s top Brands. Businesses are entering the social responsibilities at breakneck speed to keep pace with customer and societal demands to reduce their environmental impacts.

The programme was conducted on “One member, Five tree” basis. It has nearly 50 sales offices spread all over the country, more than 5 wholesale dealers and more than retailers. The rural families targeted under this programme were ones with small resource base — both animal and land holdings.

CSR of Amul Archives – India’s Largest CSR Network

Then individually they planted sapling on their own at their identified locations like their farm, near their home, on Farm bunds, etc.

Activifies Amul Yatra the distributors and their salesmen are taken on a visit to Anand. Over the years, due to intensive agriculture and dairying various natural resources are getting consumed at faster pace in Gujarat state of India.

In short, the Anand Pattern meant the utilization of resources in the most profitable manner at grass-root level. These societies in turn have about 65, farmers as their members.

Skip to main content. To fulfill its corporate social responsibility towards its milk producers and co-operatives the GCMMF works on razor thin profits and retention of funds.

Since men are the basis for achieving the CSR, the GCMMF lays emp- hasis on their development into competent, courteous, credible, reliable, responsive communicators and performers.

Corporate social responsibility is a process in which all companies come together as one and take part in the welfare of the society. The initiation to form a village cooperative society begins on receipt of an intimation from a village expressing their willingness to form a cooperative and affiliate to the district union.


To link these milksheds to the city market and ensure a year-round sustained milk supply, activiteis National Milk Grid with storage and long-distance transport facilities was created.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The milk from the village co-operatives is purchased at an interim price. This effort has motivated greatly children scr excel in their studies and spread education in rural activitie. The Museum has a Photo Gallery and Auditorium. Further out of the net profit of Rs 7.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

Next day after the programme on a post programme press note was prepared giving details of activitifs programme celebrations along with photographs. Along with logistical arrangements direct contact was established with different agencies for receipt of saplings.

GCMMFwhich today is jointly owned by 3. Various awareness materials were prepared.

Tree Plantation

Execution teams were formed at district union level to give final shape and put the plan in action. Most businesses would certainly flounder in not being able to achieve at least one or many of those expectations. Pointwise methodology for implementation of tree plantation programme on such a mass scale if as following.

The pan India details on these Awards are available in the following links. An action plan of tree plantation programme was drawn up months back in advance. In this way, the milk producers of Gujarat are ushering in a silent revolution of greening Gujarat.

The circular was placed on notice board of VDCSs. So as to maximise the earnings of the milk producers the GCMMF changes the product profile during the fiscal and directs its sales and marketing activities towards those products that would bring in maximum returns. Point wise Methodology of execution of programme is as following: The adoption of modern production and marketing techniques helps in providing those services that small producers individually can neither afford nor manage.

Integral strategies in ensuring substantive long-term results include: MUs conducted survey after 5 months to find out the survival rate of sapling under the programme. MUs conducted survey after 5 months to find out the survival rate of sapling under the programme. The unique fact about the programme was that the milk producer members took up the oath to protect tree saplings till it survives and grows into tree.


Milk Unions identified the coordinator for the programme and organized a task force for the successful implementation of the programme. In the second year it acknowledged further students across schools in India. The Three Tier Structure: There is also considerable scope for improvement in our methods of livestock breeding and nutrition. Through various communication media farmer members were made aware of benefits of tree plantation and tree plantation activity schedule. On completion of successful functioning of the first quarter, the society will become eligible for registration and submits financial reports of the first quarter, as per requirement, to the District Registrar for registration of the society along with list of members and share status, four copies of Bylaw and application for registration.

In this way, the milk producers of Gujarat are ushering in a silent revolution of greening Gujarat. The net positive on cs waste, designing green buildings, implementing green operations and maintenance plans — all have continually proven to yield a positive return on investment ROI. No Year of tree plantation No. At the end of each year, a portion of the DCS profits is used to pay each member a patronage bonus based on the quantity of milk poured.

Supply Chain Management Educating employees on sustainability practices throughout the supply chain can lead to greater efficiencies and help build collaboration to meet sustainability, quality and other goals. Financial Responsibility We are seeing an unprecedented level of government programs and initiatives designed to drive corporate decision-making within markets that include manufacturing, construction, etc.

The GCMMF realised that it was a corporate social responsibility to strengthen the core business processes of its distributors so as to keep them in mainstream business and compete with those with formal training in management. There are 12 district co-operatives each being managed by a member board elected by the college comprising the pf representatives or chairmen of the village co-operatives.

It has been estimated that when one tree is cut, in monetary terms there is loss or Rs.