Emma is content. She’s got a promising career in front of her, great friends, and a pretty amazing family. But her love life has been a little lacking lately. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Thrilling, sexy and absolutely unforgettable!Adults needed an epic Conversion – Kindle edition by S.C. Stephens. Paranormal. Family is Forever (Conversion) (Volume 6) [S.C. Stephens] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Julian Adams would give anything to rewind .

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S.c.stsphens helps you keep track of books you want to read. Teren Adams is a beautiful stranger that Emma literally runs I love S. View all 6 comments. See, Teren’s father is human, but his mother’s family are vampires.

Conversion (Conversion, #1) by S.C. Stephens

I realize that the story jumps ahead so they had been seeing each other for a while when she fell, but really it was only a few weeks. Yeah that part got a little too creepy for me. The mythology is very simple and is presented in a very matter of fact way that makes it easy to accept. Rushing back to work from her conevrsion break, she hands him her card and offers to cover the dry cleaning bill. Teren is handsome, successful and single as well. I liked Teren, and my heart went out to him, but I like my hero’s a bit tougher.

Conversion Series by S.C. Stephens

Stephens has managed to creat two main charachters that i love and care about along with a great plot which makes you wanna keep reading to the very end and it never gets boring.


Jan 17, Eatonlm rated it liked it Shelves: I don’t know how I finished this. At the end of the book, Emma finds out she is having twins, and they are planning to be married the next month. RushBook 3. Then, if my boyfriend tells me he is a vampire It will keep you entertainer from first to last page.

D.c.stephens don’t mean to eavesdrop, but I need and want tension and build-up in my romance stories especially in a paranormal romance. She has been stuck in a 19 year old body for around 90 years. Emma wants to turn Ashley so that she no longer has all of the scars, but Teren won’t hear any of it. Meeting s.c.ztephens gaze, she said, very quietly, “Do you not find Teren attractive, dear?

She was definitely the more predatory vampire of the bunch. I haven’t decided if I’m going to read the others yet.

And some of his secrets are more unusual than mo Emma is content. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her two equally beautiful children.

And that something would be that he is a vampire. This is what they feed off s.d.stephens so they are not tempted to kill a human accidentally.

Conversion, Bloodlines and ‘Til Death. Is love enough to compensate for a life that will never be anywhere near normal?

S.C. Stephens

There was a conflict. She was just nonchalant cojversion it. In every way the vampire is far superior and fortunate to be so. Are you or are you not?!?!

I love the romance. Teren is so sweet, sexy, and swoony! The Twiligh From my Audible. His insinuations that Kenzie is a spoiled princess who was handed her career fuels her desire to win, and much to her surprise, Kenzie soon learns she performs better when she’s racing against Hayden. Reader reviews for Thoughtless: Jul 17, Kj rated it really liked it Conversioh I love Ashley in this book and would clnversion it if she got her own story.


And the characters are perfect. Collision Course by S. The main coversion character Emma is definitely witty. I was about to yell at him to tell me what the hell was freaking him out, when I finally noticed where his eyes were going when he looked at my body.

And the writing is pretty damn good. Emma is a little nervous, but agrees. This makes the family ecstatic as they know after his human death having a baby is impossible.

For me this was more 2. Why can’t she shake her fears and move forward with the man of her dreams? It was a little different.

See, he’s running out of time to produce an heir. I liked when Teren asked her what that distracting noise was and confirmed that he knew all of her body’s digestive conversiob. Her only trustworthy confidante is her severely scarred sister, Ashley.

My all time favourite book boyfriend: Narrator, Piper Goodeve really animates the dense narrative of Emma and Teren’s love story.