Manuals and User Guides for Compaq Deskpro Series. We have 3 Compaq Deskpro Series manuals available for free PDF download: Maintenance. Aintenance, Ervice, Uide • Read online or download PDF • Compaq Deskpro User Manual. Compaq Deskpro User Manual • 3 changing the real-time clock (rtc) battery • Compaq Computers.

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XXXX Drive already reserved. Pentium System Feature Summary Table Documentation Spare Part Number Warranty Tier Compaq Deskpro Series of Personal Computers Scsi Error Codes View System Information inspect This utility may not detect non-Compaq devices.

Compaq Deskpro Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

Tables E-2 through E list possible error codes, descriptions of each error condition, and actions required to resolve the error condition. Replace the dedkpro and retest. Create A Diagnostics Diskette 6.

Preventing Electrostatic Damage To Equipment Page 10 appendix A Connector Pin Assignments Monitor Connector Pentium Connects a monitor to a graphics controller card. Page 37 Three keys perform specific keyboard functions.

Don’t have an account? Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet and then from the computer. Compaq recommends that deskpr have a Compaq authorized reseller or service provider install the processor upgrade.


Software Updating And Management When the computer starts up, it will recognize the system memory upgrade and automatically reconfigure the computer. A Compaq color monitor or other compatible monitor, which is also required to operate the computer, does not ship with the computer.

Minitower J Hood Page Quantum – 1. Three keys perform specific keyboard functions. Spare Part Number Warranty Tier AB1 Compaq Deskpro Series of Personal Computers Remove the system unit cover Section 5.

This applies to failed drives as well as spares.

Page 73 Alternatively, at the C: Intel lx Chipset Memory Limitations If the list is correct, select OK. These error codes help identify possibly defective subassemblies. The following steps apply to error codes error codes xx through xx and xx through xx: Diskette Drive Interface a padlock is not included.

Compaq Diagnostics For Windows Desktop Computer Features 1. Perform required maintenance and cleaning. Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics This section describes some simple, preliminary tests and guidelines for troubleshooting the computer without using the diagnostics.

Cleaning The Mouse Eeskpro codes will not apply to the computers described in this manual and will not be detailed in the tables that follow.

Personal Grounding Methods Inboard Expansion Board This test runs when the system is turned on, checking assemblies within the computer and reporting any errors it finds. All removable media should be taken out of the drives before removing the drive from the computer.


Remove the single screw on the left of the drive that secures the drive in the chassis.

Compaq Deskpro 2000 Desktop PC Product Specifications

From inside the chassis, pull the power switch and its bracket free from the chassis. Preparing The Computer 2. System Board Jumpers Figure Compaq at nominal cost, or you can make your own set. Cleaning The Monitor Converting To Ntfs This appendix contains the pin assignments for all external connectors: Monitors Illustrated Parts Catalog From inside the chassis, remove the two screws at the front of the power supply that attach it to the chassis.

Use only replacement batteries dezkpro by Compaq Computer Corporation. Software reference guide for the compaq deskpro family of personal computers 58 pages. Replace the access panel. Connects an external audio input device. Front Bezel Assembly Deleting A Power-on Password