Neologismele (); Despre progresul adevărului în judecarea lucrărilor literare (); Comediile domnului Caragiale (); Poeți și. de Ion Luca Caragiale Ne îmbrăcăm, domnule, frumos, și o luăm repede pe jos pân’ la teatru. LEONIDA: O mie, domnule, numa’ o mie. In Convorbiri literare is published the study Comediile d-lui Caragiale signed by Titu Maiorescu. Is born Mateiu, son of Maria Constantinescu, recognized by I. L.

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Beginning inCaragiale resumed his contributions to Universul. One cannot imagine their gagarita. Several of his articles for Ghimpele were sarcastic in tone, and targeted various literary figures of the day. After his death, he became better comedille for his importance to Romanian drama.

Fifty years after his death, he was given a week-long festival tribute in which his plays were performed. Both assumptions are wrong, and he learns that the shots are coming from a Shrove Tuesday celebration.

Are edited the volumes: Views Read Edit View history. Mihail Dragomirescu believed that Caragiale was living at the expense of the German state. A second significant play from the same time period was also a satire, but more of a political comedy with similar elements of social commentary.

Everyday life, morals and manners, politics, domnuluj criticism, literary criticism, music criticism. New users sign up! Although Maiorescu was initially opposed, Caragiale eventually received the post. His almost lifelong critique of the liberal current, marked by his conflicts with Dimitrie Sturdza and Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeuwas partly inspired by Junimea’ s guidelines—in line with the JunimistsCaragiale comsdiile liberals as agents of Populismpopular Romanticism, and Idealismas tenets prevalent in the literature of his day.

Dies his mother Ecaterina Caragiali at 73 years oldfrom the family remains only him and his sister Lenci. Rosetti and his collaborators. In both plays and prose, he showed an incredible sense of the Romanian language, customs, and mannerisms, especially in the common person, and successfully used them for comedy and satire. Conul Leonida fata cu reaciunea Mr. Caragiale also contributed poetry to Ghimpele: Each one is a window in to Romanian society as real today as it was when written.

Caragiale held a speech in which he argued that Romanians living abroad were “indispensable” to the Romanian state. Personally he had only troubles from the theatre.


Ion Luca Caragiale

Remakes his good relationship with Titu Maiorescu, whom he has carafiale of Eminescu’s texts falsifying. Marries Alexandrina Burelly, daughter of the architect Gaetano Burelly.

Thank you for your post, it’s a joy to us to read your splendid English text about our romnului Caragiale! In parallel, Cargiale resumed his contacts with Transylvanian intellectuals: Brote, who fled Transylvania and planned to directly implicate the Romanian Kingdom into the conflict, attempted to replace the pro-Conservative leadership of the National Party with a selection of politicians favored by the National Liberals.

160 years: I.L.Caragiale, stormy nights and lost letters…

Depends on the calendar, Peter. Teodorescu ‘s liberal-inspired satirical magazine Ghimpele. Still in Berlin, away from his country. Even patriotism, the most important sense for the citizen of a state in his actions as a citizen, has no place in art as an ad-hoc form of patriotism [ Literary critic Pompiliu Constantinescu credited Caragiale’s sense of irony with having corrected the tendencies of his day, and, through this, with helping create an urban literature.

He was eventually able to prove his innocence, but the toll of the scandal affected him deeply. Romanian Wikisource has original text related to this article: Opens his first beer house shocking again his adversaries – Publishes the volume Schite usoare.

Finally Caion was acquitted. According to Tudor VianuCaragiale’s writings signify “the highest expression” of Romanian theatre, comeediile and complimenting the contribution that Mihai Eminescu had to Romanian-language poetry.

The article played an essential part in reconciling the dramatist to the general public, but comwdiile led to a polemic between Maiorescu and the philosopher Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea a Marxist who claimed that Maiorescu was contradicting himself.

Both Hasdeu and Sturdza hinted at the influence exercised over Caragiale by their adversary Maiorescu, and went on to compare the dramatist with foreign writers such as Mite Kremnitz and the Jewish Josef B.

Ion Luca Caragiale original works in Romanian. That’s the word – essence.

On this very day, January 30,Romania commemorates years since his birth. Trip in Italy – Opening of the drama Napasta at the National Theater from Bucharest – Volumes Teatru and Napasta are comediilr of imorality and rejected from the Academy Prize – Being in conflict with the writers from Junimea society, he is lecturing at the Athenaeum the conference Literary gangs caragiaoe geese. Inhe recalled the union of the two Danubian Principalities under Alexander John Cuzaand predicted the union of Transylvania with Romania.

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Conu Leonida față cu reacțiunea – Wikisource

Sarah In Romania Dozens from the Romanian diaspora assembled this afternoon on the corner of Most of his satirical works target the liberal republicans and the National Liberalsevidencing both his respect for their rivals at Junimea and his connections with the literary critic Titu Maiorescu. A republican, he also tells her his ideas for a utopian society.

Photo source Inwhen he was twenty-seven, Caragiale saw the production of his first play, O noapte furtunoasa sau numaral 9 A Stormy Night, or Number 9which only had minor success. Remakes his good relationship with Titu Maiorescu, whom he has accused of Eminescu’s texts falsifying – Published in three volumes, at “Minerva” publishing house, Opere complete Complete Works.

Macedonski supported the lost cause until the very end, and refused to distance himself from Caion even as the latter admitted to the court that he had invented the story. Several of the characters in his sketches spuriously claim to be personal friends of major political figures of the day, or to have access to the back-rooms of politics and journalism.

Caragiale Archived 29 January at the Wayback Machine. Sturdza’s discourse contributed to the Academy’s negative vote 20 votes against and 3 in favor[] and rose Caragiale’s anger.

In addition, he became romantically involved with an unmarried young woman, Maria Constantinescu, who worked for the Bucharest Town Hall – inshe gave birth to Mateiuwhom Caragiale recognized as his son and thus also supported.

Danadanche, shown to have been sidelined from politics, makes a comeback at a time when the factions needs his inoffensive presence as a third-party, and, although senile, has a vast experience in caragia,e.

She is, as domnuluj audience discover – except that her lover is Chiriac himself. Caragiale thus noted that philosophical skepticism was equivalent to stripping the bone of its flesh piece by piece, and then throwing it to the dogs—without having been able to fully document the leg of veal or its substance.