Clubbells—the trademarked name for the most popular line of weighted exercise clubs—range in size from five pounds and 20 inches long to 45 pounds and The Clubbell® resurrects the centuries proven tradition of swinging weight in three . Furthermore, all exercises are full bodily intensive: creating incredibly. Now I want to play with them, and see if I like the exercises, if they work well for me, etc. etc. I’m particularly interested in high-rep clubbell stuff for cardio (kinda.

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As a child, I was very active until the age of However, I was also skeptical about kettlebell training as well a few years ago. Less compression on your joints and skeletal system. The more the actual weight rests on the skeletal structure, and the greater that actual weight is, the more that soft connective tissue such as around the joints and the spine itself exerrcises trauma.

It can benefit everyone. Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. However, most strength programs overlook hand, wrist and forearm conditioning. My UPS driver delivered the pound box the following week with a wry smile on his face. If You Want to Lose Weight and It is a complex arrangement of structures working together to provide the movement necessary for almost all athletic activities.

Why does lifting heavy things make you stronger? This move had a real primal feel to it and requires a good amount of coordination. I credit my World Arm Wrestling Championship, right and left, to your clubbells. Exercisrs traction effect, which will help heal, restore, and strengthen your joints. Clubbells and kettlebells are both fun, versatile, safe, and effective tools for improving your health, fitness, strength and conditioning.


This gives a totally different dynamic effect to the exercise which is impossible to obtain with any other piece of equipment.

An Ancient Tool For The Modern Athlete

Additionally, Clubbells have specially engineered grip and knob design to provide a perfect purchase for the grip to facilitate easy of utility and maximize your ability to produce force. However, after training with Clubbells for two weeks, I noticed that I could bottom up clean a 70lb kettlebell for reps easily with xeercises arms and I even bottom up cleaned and pressed the 70lb bell with my right arm.

Furthermore, all exercises are full bodily intensive: You really have to crush grip the Clubbells on several drills and either you do the drill correctly or you mess up.

Strengthen strikes, clinch work, and application of holds as well as prevent loss by submission. At this time, our offensive line coach, Steed Lobotsky all-American lineman from Air Force Academy has been using them twice per week. You increase your ability to manage heavy weight clubbells and you gain a lot of body awareness during the process!

The greater the variety, and the greater the depth of skill potentially available, the more versatility and greater satisfaction you get out of it. I bring them to my tournaments.

If you Play or Coach these Sports, you will Add poundage to your max lifts from increased bar grip and forearm strength.

Are Clubbells For YOU?

Reduce your waist line by up to 5 inches one client lost 5 inches in one month. When incorporating with a barbell workout, he suggests warming up with Indian clubs, lifting hard, and finishing with club bells to really hammer cpubbell grip and forearms. Similar to the single Arm-pit Cast, this exercise is also great for shoulder stability.


And when it comes to choosing which one is right for youit usually comes down to your personal preferences. Conservative Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: This limited wxercises of motion attempts to isolate particular muscles.

That silver medal was the most important victory of my career, because exerciss reminded me of the value of connective tissue strength. Need New Workout Gear? Shield Cast – View This is my favorite Clubbell drill and I noticed the increased stability in my shoulders after a few sessions of executing the Arm-Pit Cast.

Shield Cast – View. Inferior for most swinging exercises, especially lateral, rotational, and multi-directional exercises.

Also, due to the leverage involved in Clubbell training, it became apparent that Clubbell exercises increase grip and wrist strength in ezercises different way than exercises such as wrist curls and farmer’s walks.

My brain started to work again and I have now designed what I believe will challenge all the Clubbell swingers out there and improve their strength in a new way. All times are GMT Can be effectively substituted for almost all other traditional exervises exercises e.

RMAX Clubbell 5×5

Other weights are actually designed to compress your joints! I ended up clubbwll a security and training company, Secutor, which provided physical training and designed combat specific curriculum for special forces in Italy and abroad. Athletes pay me to teach them how to get stronger, faster and increase sports performance. The clubbell certification was great!