Classpad plus, User’s guide, Classpad os version • Read online or download PDF • Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual. View and Download Casio ClassPad PLUS user manual online. ClassPad OS Version ClassPad PLUS Calculator pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Casio ClassPad PLUS. We have 2 Casio ClassPad PLUS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Conics Application Window Carefully read the terms and conditions of the license agreement.


The functions whose check boxes are cleared are not graphed. Dragging a line or figure from the Geometry window to a Geometry Link row in an eActivity converts the line or figure to its mathematical expression.

One form is the standard form, which allows you to specify the center point and radius. Deleting a folder also classpad all files inside of it. Not Function Name or Program Name.

ClassPad Series Manual

Using the Stylus Most value and formula input, command executions, and other operations can be performed using the stylus. Before actually beginning to capture the screenshots, it is important to carefully think about and plan the type of information you want to include in your presentation so that classppad screenshots display the information that you want.


You can use the following operations to select and deselect folders as required. Drawing A Logistic Regression Graph On your ClassPad, tap [OK]. This command terminates program execution.

Casio ClassPad PLUS Calculator download instruction manual pdf

Sequence Application Classapd Buttons To do this: Note that you must set the data rate baud rate for both the ClassPad and the connected device so they are identical.

This causes a blank Geometry application window to appear. Sorts the elements of the list into descending order. Dynamically Linked Data Rules Governing Variable Access Returns the dimension of a list. The initial default APO setting is 6 minutes.

Drawing a Circle There are two forms that you can use to draw a circle. Page – Drawing a Sinusoidal Regression Graph Using The Toolbar Using The Matrix-calculation Submenu Windows XP only 2.

Casio calculator user’s guide fxg plus, cfxg plus, cfxgb plus, cfxgb plus 28 pages. Open an existing list page Close the currently selected list page Jump to line 1 of the current list page Jump to the line after the last manuap of the current list page Page u u u u u rewrite Function: You can also add tangent and normal lines to your graph. Returns the column number of a specified cell. Page 2-Sample Interval Command: Variable Manager Overview Note that tapping u toggles the format of a displayed value.


Input the equation here. Other Graph Window Operations Classspad Screenshots Using the Action Menu Example Screenshots The screenshots below show examples of how input and output expressions appear on the ClassPad olus.

Angle unit If you see this: When you have more than one expression input on the 3D Graph Editor window, you need to select the one you want to graph.

Returns the real part of a complex number. Chapter 4 Using The Conics Application Using the Conics Application The Conics application provides you with the capability to graph circular, parabolic, elliptic, and hyperbolic functions. A 2-Prop Test is used for normal distribution.

The following are examples of what you can do after opening the Main application window within another application. In column two, select the file s you want to transfer. Drawing A Hyperbola Traces This item shows the specified trace point.