In , she published an autobiography called Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir. Reviewing the. Join Sibel Edmonds at her Website In this startling memoir, Sibel Edmonds— the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that. Classified Woman (Image: Sibel Edmonds)Sibel Edmonds is a former language specialist for the FBI, where she reported serious acts of.

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She kept fighting, taking the issue to the highest reaches of the US political and judicial system.

Every American should read this book. Congress has been gagged and prevented from taking up or even discussing her case through retroactive classification issued by the Department of Justice. So who can be trusted? For those of us with any personal experience as whistleblowers, every word of Classified Woman resonates with the truth of our own lives.

However, she was fired anyway. Sibel Edmonds was an immigrant, someone who had experienced brutal dictatorships and expected something different in the USA–something called freedom. Edmonds felt she had to pursue the matter to the highest level – the Supreme Court, with the support of the ACLU – because otherwise the government would invoke state security privilege in other cases.

If you’ve ever wondered who is blowing the whistle on our corrupt government agencies, you would do well to start with this book. The daughter of an Iranian Azerbaijani father and Turkish mother, [8] Edmonds lived in Iran and then Turkey before coming to the United States as a student [9] in The Turkish connection to international terrorism including al-Qaedadrug trafficking, illegal arms trafficking, money laundering, and the nuclear black market is no secret; public-source information on it is plentiful.

Sibel Edmonds – Wikipedia

Edmond’s name kept coming up. Sibel Edmonds was an immigrant, someone who had experienced brutal dictatorships and expected something different in t For those who think that there is even the slightest possibility that the United States government could become less evil instead of more and more evil every day, this book is required reading.


Open Preview See a Womam Edmonds continued to believe in official channels.

In what capacity have you been employed by the United States government? A secret is a secret but why it’s a secret is a secret or who says it’s a secret is a secret. Want to Read saving….

The Sibel Edmonds Story

Former workers are also possible allies, as are friends, family members and concerned members of the public. Sibel Edmonds worked for the FBI. Unable to load user with ID: While some dlassified it is due to the culture of bureaucracy see Moral Mazes: I often think of this term as just a hyperbolic publishing buzzword to hype a book but this is the only word that describes this book.

In that capacity, you discover that some of the highest elected and appointed political leaders in the land are engaged in espionage and treason, accepting bribes and clssified weapons and information including nuclear weapons secrets to foreign powers, including our enemies.

The judges were the most disgusting of all.

The book itself is overlong; some segments are told through conversations when a brief factual summary would have sufficed and would have kept the narrative flowing better.

Jan 09, Michael rated it it was amazing. Whistle blowers, conspiracy theorists and boiling frogs. Friends, relatives, and co-workers in the United States also abandoned her. However, I found it entirely convincing because all of Edmonds’ experiences follow a trajectory familiar to whistleblowers: This is her 10 year ordeal in trying to get her story out. Problem was that no one wanted to listen to her, and she was fired for “truthing.

If our filtering system detects that you wmoan have violated our policy, your comment will be placed in a queue for moderation. The reason was the attacks of 9 September Meanwhile, we can be thankful that there are individuals such as Edmonds who have taken the noble, principled path of speaking out, paying the penalty for pushing for honest and effective behaviour, and surviving to mobilise others and tell a story that can inform and inspire us all.

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Edmonds discovered that another translator in her area, Melek Can Dickerson, had negligible capacity to understand Turkish, yet classifiex making crucial decisions about which files to ignore. So what should Edmonds have done? Edmonds’s allegations of impropriety at the FBI later came to the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committeewhich held unclassified hearings on the matter on 17 Juneand 9 July This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat Reportedly, she told the commission that the FBI knew of a planned attack months away and the terrorists were in place.

Edmonds self-published the book, which is a story all by itself, including the reasons some of the publishers with whom she spoke declined to work with her on terms she deemed appropriate. Archived from the original on 20 February Due to this, most of the mega-publishing companies refused to publish her story.

This is a remarkably good read demonds the gravity of the subject matter. It took me years to understand the game: Then came the election, when Barack Obama was elected. The Shah, Pinochet, and others were but pale replicas of the country that put them in power.

Classified Woman

She tried to find out how that had happened. The book tells in detail the story of her frustrating quest, where she is met with stonewalling and with bizarre invocations of national security privileges.

Fluent in AzerbaijaniTurkishPersian and English[9] [10] [11] Edmonds earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University [9] and her master’s in public policy and international commerce from George Mason University.

May 09, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: This has nothing to do with protecting national security, but everything to do with protecting corruption, conspiracy, and treason in eedmonds. I knew about much of this, but the more I read, the angrier I got.