Some Action.. Arena in Philadelphia, PA, thrummed with excitement. Drago Zadrovec walked the path to the octagon staring straight ahead, his black eyes. profile for Nadja Notariani, Nadja Notariani was born in Rochester, Nadja Notariani ~ An Author’s Adventures . Claiming The Prize, Nadja Notariani Walking. View Nadja Notariani’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. of more than want of victory in the ultimate goal of Claiming The Prize.

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Take a few minutes to enjoy a great post on creating delicious inner conflict that will spill over throughout your novel. Books by Nadja Notariani. She’s a mixture of nervous anticipation and anxiety. I’m so proud of her! Access over 20, free and deep-discounted ebooks. I may finish it today.

We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. In an effort to maintain my progress, I’ve learned to combine my loves. Eating for health is If no one can figure out who is doing the thinking or the talking or the scheming, then we have a problem.

I will get the harsh truth when I ask for it przie sometimes when I don’t ask for it ; this comforts me.

NADJA NOTARIANI : An Author’s Adventures: Mistress Of The Stone, Maria Zannini

Did how women rode indicate class or role, or did it depend upon what activity they were doing? William Wallace was said to utilize this weapon, but his sword had a more narrow point and lacked the leather wrapping around the ricasso; so in the strictest of terms, it was not a ‘true’ Claymore. However, I do occasionally read in order to “cleanse my palate” so to speak.


No heavy handed religious preaching in here. My fountain cracked over the winter despite draining and winterizing. Anonymous August 29, at 1: The love story between Grace and Drago is very nicely done and doesn’t sway to the melodramatic. In other words, creating my weekly meal plan around my fresh ingredients on hand to avoid waste. This season brings about my return to the kitchen, with soups, pastas, pumpkin and cinnamon filling my home with mouth-watering aromas.

She also boasts two daughters, who have flown the nest to pursue their own adventures. Novel Reviewer Crystal Newman. How do you feel about trauma-drama in your heroine or story? My goal is to stay three to four weeks ahead of myself here and to sprinkle different themes over the weeks.

But I’ve no worries: Absolutely, there are design faux-paux. There are different variations to the sentiment, and equally different meanings.

My shtick is finished.

Loved every moment of it! From historical clothing styles to Celtic myths, from Jewish and Muslim legends on the djinn to fighting styles within the world of mixed-martial-arts, I’ll explore my finds. These threads will stay open for comment, so don’t worry if there not up there. From Sci fi and fantasy, to horror and romance and everything in between!!!

NADJA NOTARIANI : An Author’s Adventures: Labor Day Week Celebration!

Winners from the Sinful Siren Giveaway Hop While Memorial Day signals the promise of summer, it also marks a day to remember. Tensions had escalated for years over thinning herds and shrinking hunting grounds. He is a man of love, a man of hugs, of praise and openly expressed emotion.

I was expecting a long and tedious everything, but they were off like a shot. Tina rated it really liked it Nov 02, It is a soft underlying factor in the story that blends realistically.


NOPE he has a baby and is all ‘please god forgive me! Third Prize – Eva P. I was tired and cranky and having to forcibly extract words from my brain.

The goal is in sight! G-d’s law was ever discussed, examined, explained. Still others, want a more layered effect, being thrilled with various shades of color mixed with contrasting textures. A year ago, almost to the day, I published my first novel, Claiming The Prize.

I’ve no real tsuris to speak of.

Claiming The Prize

I modified nadjja sparkly look to tone it down a bit for my Mariel, who is not a flashy character. I like how we are not given a Christian love story but rather a love story with a couple 3. First read by this author I thought it was well done.

My imagination was free to create an entire back story for the origins of the vampire, the Fates, and the various realms of the Netherworld. Some readers nadna great romantic tension and build up, but fade to black intimate scenes.

Another check-in brings us to that reckoning of accomplishments and progress, revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly!

How do you prepare to write a paranormal vs. All these questions should be building as we near the end of a round.