these publications: CIMPLICITY HMI Plant Edition User’s Manual (GFK) .. fully networked Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Contents of this Manual. Chapter 1. Introduction: Introduces you to CIMPLICITY MMI and MES/SCADA for Windows 95 and Windows NT and CimEdit. Chapter 2. Benefits. • Improved configuration capabilities reduces time to value through richer context. • Structured data enables Real-time. Operational Intelligence (RtOI ).

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Briefly describe the application including information on any pre-existing control system.

Scheduled orders are displayed and operators select orders to be processed and link available material to the order. The scada provides msnual operator with machine setup parameters and checks that the correct material is loaded as per the order job card. The system captures machine operating data for material management, quality, and production information and provides the operator with real-time production order information.

The system replaced a Diames system. To reduce waste through real-time visibility and material management. How is the after-sales support handled on this particular application?

Is the scada system integrated onto an intranet or the Internet? If so, what level of remote monitoring and control is configured? Internet cimpliciyy are available through the GE WebSpace server. Do you run the scada in conjunction with any third-party application cimpliciyy Other than MES? The application uses Proficy Historian as the production and manufacturing data archive.

cimplicity software tutorial

csada Who performed this management system integration and was any additional software development needed to accomplish this? GE Intelligent Platform Professional Services integrated the systems utilising the standard interfacing toolset. Have any production benchmarking tools been configured as part of the scada system? The system is configured to provide a production dashboard indicating real-time machine production status relative to the planned status.

Has any asset management functionality been configured in the application for software assets, control system assets or for plant assets? Are you currently using tablet PCs or mobile phones to interact with the scada system?

If so, what were the primary TCO considerations that cimplicit the product selection?

The decision was based on ease of use, upgrade path, open standards and long-term support. What was the predominant feature or features that made you decide to purchase this scada product over all others for this application?


What single feature most impresses you about the product now that it is in operation? The ease with which the architecture scales from a simple client-server to a multi-tier application capable of installation on a web farm. Approximately how many man-hours did the scada configuration take? What human factors cmplicity taken into consideration in the HMI design process? For the graphics development process did you use standard library images, or did you have to draw images from scratch?

Did you use any video or multimedia technology used in the application? What alarm management standards or best practices were adopted in configuring the scada system? What structured processes were followed to determine expected performance under full load, and during abnormal failure conditions? What are the key physical communication layers and communication protocols employed in the system?

What levels of redundancy are incorporated in this scada application? What specific custom code or manul scripts were written for nanual project?


Some ActiveX components were written to cimplkcity the standard ones to be more production information specific. How have authentication, authorisation manuak role management been configured? Does the design make provision for a DMZ and firewall segregation of process scada network and business networks.

What intrusion detection has been incorporated on the plant network s on which this scada system exists? Own control system domain separate from business LAN and firewalled at interconnection.

What configuration backup and data archive backup methodologies have been adopted? Backups are run locally and then the backup file is moved during low bandwidth usage to an external location. Did you use any integrated or third party configuration control system for the scada configuration during the engineering of this application?

How would you rate the ease of use of the historical reporting system? We are using MS Reporting Services and bypass the standard template reporting tool. It is easy to grow the existing system using simple export import mechanisms. The use of open standards, wide range of drivers and the ability to easily upgrade the application with newer revisions.

GE Cimplicity HMI Manuals and Training Materials – – Interactive Q & A

Clients are purchased separately as per user requirements. Are licences sold outright or subject to periodic e. Licence is a cmiplicity purchase for a particular version and can be upgraded to the latest version through Global Care annual subscription. Patched and version upgrades are available at no additional cost if user purchases the Global Care annual maintenance option.


What after-sales offerings iro support mxnual maintenance are available, and which technologies are used to deliver them? Support is available under a paid annual support agreement and includes desktop remoting, e-mail and telephonic support. What native historical data reporting options are available? What product specific interface does the product have iro well-known MES packages?


What authentication, authorisation and role management models are available for the runtime environment? This Week’s Editor’s Pick. Thank you, you have successfully shared this article.

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GE Intelligent Platforms Phone: Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg Industry: Windows Server Client OS: Windows Server Application statistics Tag count: What was the primary motivation for the project? To replace an existing system that was no longer supportable. What were the main goals established for the project? To integrate real-time manufacturing metrics with SAP. To improve finished product quality. What upgrade agreements are in place for this application? Local support billable on a per request basis.

Management reporting and integration Q: Open standards interface to different vendor PLCs. The ability to make configuration changes on the fly. What impresses you most about the architecture? SI Responses Project details Q: Ease of operator entry and data display. How would you describe the library of graphic images? Scada alarm functionality scasa not used. Security and data protection Q: Application specific, linking security to an external database.

Vendor responses Product Q: Vendor comments on operating systems? What sort of licensing agreement options are offered? What upgrade agreements are offered? Technology incorporated Management reporting and integration Q: PLC configuration clmplicity programming Q: Unique selling proposition USP Q: The details submitted in this form will not be shared with any third parties.

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