Pygmy [Chuck Palahniuk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A gang of adolescent terrorists, a spelling bee, and a terrible plan. Blue denim trouser. Clear-yellow bully say,. “What are you looking at, pygmy?” Say, “Beat it!” Eyes of host brother open, look from floor, lips say. In a time of heightened security, more threats of terror, and more terror attacks, what does Chuck Palahniuk do? He comes out with a satire about a group of.

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Because of Agent Number 67’s musings, you learn to sympathize with him and his group. May 27, Matt rated it it was ok. This page was last edited on 5 Julyat Hard to read literally, hard to read in the way it was writtengross, yet making great points about consumerism and how it has infected the American Way. Jul 18, Lyn rated chhuck liked it.

Palahniuk’s America reflects the worst suspicions of people from across the political spectrum: And a fun read, too, though the stream of consciousness pigeon English took some getting used to. We can run these circles of “it’s vapid because we’re vapid” all the livelong day, but all Pygmy does is reveal just how limited Palahniuk’s abilities as a novelist really are, because to my way of seeing things, vapidity with an artistic agenda behind it is still fucking vapidity, and Pygmy fails to really say anything we don’t already know about this War.

At one point, I meant to say ” Sieht so aus als haettest du all dein Deutsch vergessen ,” which means “I guess I’ve forgotten so much German. Each chapter is a dispatch from the main character, Pygmy, writing as Agent Number papahniuk, presumably to his home country’s government.

What are you doing for this tour? And then you got older and you went through this hideous age when suddenly they were the devil, they were bullies, and they didn’t know anything.

After getting past the crazy writing, I found the plot to be lacking and vapid.


A full portrait of an unforgettable character. Behold, one sentence just pages after the ass-rape scene in mangled English in the Wal-Mart bathroom: See all books by Chuck Palahniuk. I’m starting to wonder if this book isn’t all just a big joke on the sycophantic fanboys and grrls who praise Palahniuk’s every bowel movement as pure genius, like he said, “Let me throw in every depraved thing I can think of and watch them lap it up.

I want better from you, Chuck!

Interview with ‘Pygmy’ Author Chuck Palahniuk – TIME

His minimalist, verb-heavy style propels the narratives through the many bizarre, occasionally shocking events. For a guy who seems to flaunt his research it always amazes me the areas where he tends to get lazy in some books. After reading it, I couldn’t stop thinking in that dialect. Short book, but not a ‘fast’ read, due to the way he wrote it, but highly recommended! Honestly, what the FUCK?

Plus they were made-up countries in Brave New Worldweren’t they? I often had to read parts over again just to understand what was going on only to be completely disgusted with what I understood.

Foreign bodies

Not to mention that Agent Number 67 is such an innocently witty and funny character. More easy this agent able violate secure American national border. For example, I have very little desire to read “Snuff”, though I probably will just because it’s Chuck. He also has a rather dark sense of humor.

View all 6 comments. This is all fine fodder for a novel, for sure. I browsed through the other pages only to have a confirmation that the whole book was indeed written in the same manner Fortunately, Pygmy was m Finally, I got around to reading and reviewing a recent book. Whaaaaaaat a crock of shit. All broken English, euphemi It would have been difficult, perhaps impossible, for ol’ Chuck to publish a book worse than Snuff, which read like Palahniuk Parody and, honestly, seemed as though the author in question was simply and as quickly as possible, as it had only been a year since the superb Rant fulfilling a contract.


What sets this apart from his other books is the abuse of the English language in the hands of Pygmy. There were a few elements which really kept me from enjoying the story, the first was a niggling carry-over from Choke which was also utilized in this story: Despite his puny appearance, Palahniuk’s narrator is a highly trained martial artist, skilled in the “Striking Cobra Quick Kill maneuver”, and an expert in improvising WMDs.

In fact, the entire story. And when these polar opposite cultures interact, they never seem to fully understand one another. The narrator sounds more anguished than he ought to when he reflects on the horrors of enforced dodgeball competitions: Which means that Palahniuk just plain isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

His next novel, Beautiful You oygmy, is due out in October Both intellectually and spiritually!

Much time reading, but eventual comprehension. Pygmy is yet another unique direction for an author who continues to challenge and intrigue readers. I heard you throw plastic body parts at people. Chuck Palahniuk’s reputation is: I decided I wouldn’t write on people anymore, but I’d give them arms and pgymy and if they wanted those autographed I’d do that.

Novelist Chuck Palahniuk

Honestly, I chuuck much better. To ask other readers questions about Pygmyplease sign up. He and his generically named co-agents are picked up at the airport by their unsuspecting host families and dispersed across a generic American suburb “By not after next today, strategy web of operatives to be established”.

I only have an hour left of the audiobook but I will not subject myself to this any longer. Chuck surprised me with the ending, and I won’t fhuck it away, other than to say it was different and not nearly as nihilistic as his other books. What is your relationship like with the Cult?