Christopher Kaczor, The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice. Author(s): David DeGrazia. Source: Ethics, Vol. , No. Buy The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice (Routledge Annals of Bioethics) 1 by Christopher Kaczor (ISBN. The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human. Life, and the Question of Justice . Christopher Kaczor. Loyola Marymount University. Follow this and additional.

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Two of Kaczor’s analyses are especially important. Any serious defense of Kaczor’s major premise requires dealing with these standard objections. The book serves both as a comprehensive overview of the debate regarding abortion over the past forty years and as an accessible yet philosophically serious contribution to that debate.

If science were to invent something like this, would this end the abortion chrsitopher For my money, the best part of the book is the sixth chapter.

Abortion and the Argument From Potential: And yes, I don’t tell it because I think you need to go out there and get the book yourself. He regularly anortion with defenders of abortion and for those concerned that this is just a religious rant, he does it without appealing to the arguments of a particular religion.

However, this suggests only that he has not come to grips with its strongest version. I think that it is the best book-length critique of the many defenses of abortion chriatopher. It certainly seems counterintuitive to suppose that it would be as wrong to end the life of such a human being as it would be to end the kcazor of you or me.

A Study in Moral and Legal Philosophy. Sign in to use this feature. For instance, Kaczor talks about the scenario of being in a burning building and being given the chance to save five adults or ten embryos and points out that most of us would save the adults.


“The Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question o” by Christopher Kaczor

This is incompatible with our commitment to human equality. A final chapter is concerned with artificial wombs.

Most of you do not believe that, if you were in such a state, an action or an inaction that would end your life would result in a diminution of your life prospects ehics would ever care about. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in the subject to read it and to kaczof it. We can distinguish between those who are directly and those who are indirectly rational animals.

Christian Munthe – manuscript.

Specifically, he asks us to suppose for the sake of argument that artificial wombs have been perfected and that we can safely as safe as standard surgery, say transfer the unborn at any stage of development from the mother into an artificial womb. Set up a giveaway. Questions and Answers for Catholics.


Throughout, he navigates the storms of argument with such calm, charity, and balance that not even maczor most committed opponent could become angry with him. Sign in Create an account. It is, no doubt, difficult to forego the obvious rhetorical advantage obtained by basing one’s view on this widely accepted claim.

He does not demonize his opponents and tries to present their arguments in the best possible light. One such example he gives is sex-selective abortion. It’s the most thorough set of arguments from both sides I’ve ever read. Kaczor draws on the writings of David Hershenov, Eric Olson, and Matthew Liao to construct a critique of this brain essentialist view.

However, such an argument by elimination is hardly a firm foundation for a position that flies in the face of the important value of reproductive choice. I certainly would not endorse every single argument in the book. Are we being inconsistent? Reproductive Autonomy and the Ethics of Abortion.


These accounts are given in psychological terms and are intended to include in the class of persons human beings after the time of infancy and to exclude human beings prior to birth. Kaczor is certainly systematic and rigorous. The Value of Choice and the Choice to Value: However, these complaints are — in the final analysis — matters of presentation only and such matters do not need to get in the way of the pleasure one can receive from reading this fine book.

Engaging abortion advocates at their strongest points, he replies to the most difficult objections to the pro-life position, many of which have not been adequately addressed by previous authors. The other problem is that much of this book is concerned with critical analyses of the views of others, and the views of others often don’t fit well into the categories outlined by Kaczor’s chapters.

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Barbara Hewson – – Journal of Medical Ethics 27 suppl 2: The wrongness of racism and sexism is based on the fact that biological properties have, all by themselves, no moral significance whatsoever. An Unexpected Journal – Advent Issue: Nick Peters Deeper Waters Apologetics.

This entry has no external links. It is a natural law argument. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. It is required reading for anyone seriously interested in the abortion issue. Jukka Varelius – – Neuroethics Browse Results 6 1: Bertha Alvarez Manninen – – Hypatia 28 3: Second, Kaczor treats the speciesism objection as merely linguistic.

Kaczor gives several reasons why arguments from bodily rights fails. A human being is a biological organism that belongs to our species.