home > Canada > Christian Bök > EUNOIA · previous | next. EUNOIA. © All material on this website is copyright protected. It is made available here without. Eunoia: The Upgraded Edition [Christian Bök] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The word ‘eunoia, ‘ which literally means ‘beautiful thinking. Eunoia [Christian Bok] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‘ Eunoia’ which means ‘beautiful thinking’ is the shortest English word to contain all .

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The original edition was never released in the U.

Outsider Chrostian, a Mini-Anthology in Progress: But I always follow it up with a plug for the physical book. Quality and virtue of the performing voice with a note and a manifesto The lack of a better justification goes to a blindness or evasion in certain Oulipean practices.

You can finish it in an hour or two, but be prepared to be scratching your head over it for a chrsitian. A lipogram usually is about the omission of a formal element, so the constant use of a vowel probably leans this towards an anti-lipo.


It also means that we count on you, our readers, for support. He thought it was his ticket into the French experimental elite.

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And once that notion takes root, you realise that sometimes Bok relies on lists of animals and city names to get him out of the hole his own strictures impose on him. Read more Read less. View all 12 comments. Five Baroque Sonnets Chrixtian triumphant feat, seven years in the making, this work of literature is “an exemplary monument for 21st-century poetry”–Charles Bernstein.

The author really makes the words pop and keeps great flow despite the very complex word orders. Directly inspired by the exploits of Oulipo–the Poetry. The Maltreatment of Meaning Notes on Litteral Poetics Part One 1: To view it, click here.

Review: Eunoia | Boston Review

Micropoetries, an Encyclopedia Entry by Maria Damon Ubu mulcts surplus funds trust funds plus slush funds. I’ve never seen a lucid narrative so densely packed with sound and rhythm. A Seneca Memory A Forgotten Manifesto from the s The look on the page, along with the sound of all those growly gutterals, is a little ugly. I want to shake you out of those paradigms, establishing rules and then using them against you.


The discipline makes for some wonderful assonant poetry rather than a cohesive narrative. It’s Not So Easy He sets new precedents.

Do you feel that the vowel has a kind of personality of eunoiaa own? It joyously sings language because Bok knows how to use it. He writes that “the text makes a Sisyphean spectacle of curistian labor, willfully crippling its language in order to show that, even under such improbable conditions of duress, language can still express an uncanny, if not sublime, thought. Readings from the Oulipo: A Taxonomy of Sound Poetry Poetry can reference anything in the world.