La Cenerentola, ossia La bontà in trionfo (Cinderella, or Goodness Triumphant) is an operatic dramma giocoso in two acts by Gioachino Rossini. The libretto. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA Education Materials Rossini’s CINDERELLA Read online or of libretto for Rossiniʼs opera, La Cenerentola. Gioachino Rossini. La Cenerentola. Libretto by Libretto by Jacopo Ferretti, based on the story Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. World premiere: Rome, Teatro.

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When he asks for her hand, Angelina replies he must first discover who she is, and gives him one of a pair of matching bracelets so that he can find her. Rossini composed Cendrentola Cenerentola when he was 25 years old, following the success of The Barber of Seville the year before. Meanwhile, Magnifico confronts the disguised Dandini, insisting that he choose one of his daughters to marry.

This callousness isn’t lost on Ramiro. Cenerentola’s stepfather, Don Magnifico, hopes to use this as an opportunity to save his own failing fortune. It is love at first sight. The opera was first performed in Rome’s Teatro Valle on 25 January The Barber of Seville William Tell.

For an revival in Rome, Rossini wrote a bravura replacement, ” La, del ciel nell’arcano profondo “. ceneremtola

La Cenerentola – Wikipedia

He invites the family to a ball that evening, where he plans to find his bride; Cenerentola asks to join them, but Magnifico refuses Quintet: Of his three daughters, Clorinda, Tisbe and Angelina La Cenerentolawhich one is the most beautiful and kind? This drama giocoso, whose full title is Cinderella or Goodness Triumphantfocuses on the adventures of Angelina, a frail and brilliant eossini for whom Rossini has reserved his most tender melodies, deliciously interwoven with those of Prince Ramiro.


The genesis of this work – whose literary and musical aspects were both created libgetto surprising speed — deserves to be told, according to the account given by librettist Jacopo Ferretti.

Community All comments Contributor list Columnist list. A replacement would have to libretro found. Retrieved from ” https: Dandini tries to stall, but is forced to admit that he’s actually the valet, and not the prince at all Duet: Everyone present acknowledges that she truly is worthy of the throne.

Finally, the “prince” arrives — the real valet, Dandini, who has taken his master’s place – and Magnifico, Rosini, and Tisbe fall over themselves to flatter him. The “beggar” – in fact, his tutor, Alidoro – has informed him of a goodhearted young woman spotted here. From the s onward, Rossini’s work enjoyed a renaissance, and a new generation of Rossini contraltos ensured that La Cenerentola would once again be heard around the world. A Modern Cinderella Tale Cinderella Messa di Gloria Stabat materPetite messe solennelle Ferretti replied, “despite libretot tiredness, tomorrow morning!

A storm is thundering outside. Cinderella by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

Views Read Edit View history. Cinderella is identified, not by a glass slipper, but by her bracelet. Cinderella complex Cinderella effect The Cinderella Movement.

La Cenerentola – La Cenerentola

The lovers are reunited and goodness triumphs. Leaving the ball in a rush, Angelina gives Prince Ramiro a clue Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. She reflects on the misfortune to which she was born and the sudden reversal of her fate, then forgives her family for all her past unhappiness, adding that her days of sitting sadly by the fire are over “Nacqui all’affanno Courtiers follow, announcing that Prince Ramiro will come to visit while he searches for the most beautiful girl in the land to wed.


Ferretti, despite harboring some ill-will against Rossini the maestro had refused a libretto of his for The Barber of Sevillenonetheless met with the composer and the impresario Cartoni and agreed to join the project. Cenerentola returns, and she and Ramiro are attracted to each other Duet: Finally, between yawns, and with Rossini half asleep on a sofa, the poet mentioned Cinderella. At the first performance, the opera was received with some hostility, [1] but it soon became popular throughout Italy and beyond; it reached Lisbon in[2] London in and New York in At this, Rossini roused himself sufficiently to challenge Ferretti on whether he dared write a libretto for the tale; Ferretti retorted with a dare for Rossini to clothe it in music.

La Cenerentola

The opera is now considered a staple of the standard repertoire. The Barber of Seville film. Magnifico frets over the competition his daughters now face from the strange lady “Sia qualunque delle figlie”but Cenerentola isn’t interested in the “prince,” saying she’s fallen in love with his servant.