The role of CCIL is unique as it provides guaranteed settlement of three different All these settlement functions were carried out by the Reserve Bank of India. CCIL has started the settlement of cross-currency deals through the CLS Bank from . Roles and responsibilities of the department include Securities and CBLO. Clearing Corporation of India Ltd (CCIL)- set up to function as an industry service organisation for clearing and settlement of trades in foreign.

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An additional location of CCIL which holds an alternate data centre as on-city data centre ODC is located within the city around 25 kilometers away from Primary site. CCIL is the final outcome of the said core committee.

What is the role of the Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL)?

Once the settlement is done, settlement bank will send the receipt of confirmation. The Business continuity plan document is updated periodically as and when new services are added or existing processes are changed or scope of improvement is seen.

It is based on the concept of multilateral netting by a central counterparty for a transaction in the OTC as well as anonymous order driven markets. Help Center Function new research papers in: Its functions include maintaining various Statutory Registers and ensuring compliance of various Statues applicable to the Company.

Shareholder group Percentage Holding 1 Commercial Banks Remember me on this computer. However, CCIL proposes to move to PvP based settlement of forex transactions to completely mitigate counterparty credit risk and do away with the loss rle process in its current form.


The entire IT infrastructures at all locations are having sufficient redundancy to ensure continuity of business operations and uninterrupted services to members.

Business Continuity Plan 5. For CCPs, risk management function is therefore assuming maximum importance. The member entities will have to ensure that sufficient funds to the extent of their obligations are available in their account for the purpose of settlement. The DR site including data centre is located around kilometers away from the primary locations. There are other requirements such as hardware and software requirement for CBLO dealing system, digital certificate, RBI regulatory provisions, which are typical for all the participants i.

Multilateral netting has helped in reducing the counterparty risk for the entire system.

Clearing Corporation of India Ltd (CCIL)

Click here to sign up. Skip to main content. March 26, and March 28, respectively by issue of 8. An FMI should have comprehensive business continuity plan that addresses events posing a significant risk of disrupting operations, including events that could cause a wide-scale or major disruption.

All the above locations of CCIL are interconnected with a robust and resilient backbone network with sufficient redundancies. Y H Malegam Ex-Sr. Operations fixed money and money markets dept. The objective was to bring efficiency to the transaction settlement process, mitigate the systemic risk emanating from settlement related problems and counter party risk.

What is the role of the Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL)? | Experts

After the trading session, all the matched deals in the CBLO market will be taken up for processing and settlement. Financial Market Infrastructures FMIswhich rols the clearing, settlement, and recording of monetary and other financial transactions can strengthen the markets they serve and play a critical role in fostering financial stability.


Log In Sign Up. CCIL is capable of recovering and restarting the critical operations within a very short period.

CCIL | sharal lobo –

The facility of centralized clearing and settlement coupled with the settlement guarantee offered by the company are of great comfort and advantage to the market participants.

Disaster Recovery DR Location: This location is also a local Alternate User Location AUL for business and IT teams in addition to serve as an alternate command centre for the senior management. It aimed to pave the way for broadening and deepening the financial markets in the country. The operations team has responsibility to complete the critical business functions and to ensure the business continuity.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. CCIL, as one of the systemically important financial services entities regulated by Reserve Bank of India, has enormous responsibilities in providing uninterrupted services to the Indian Financial market.