word-to-pdf-programmatically www-ftc-gov-os-caselist complaint-pdf www-va-gov-vaforms-medical-pdf xmcd-to-pdf-online. , FTC. Docket No. C, Complaint (January 20, ), available at In the Matter of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc., File No. , FTC Docket No.

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Conclusion As has been seen, the U. Northrop Grumman Corp, Civil No: With the passage of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act inthe agencies less often face the circumstances where a transaction has to be unwound. Goal of Antitrust Remedies advertisement.

Section, Houston, Texas, April 17,available at http: Since the FTC and DOJ purport to apply the same substantive standards and they have common stated goals in seeking remedies, it is not surprising that there are many similarities in the merger remedy positions of the two agencies.

Both the DOJ and FTC prefer structural relief to conduct restrictions, heavily employing divestiture as a remedy while limiting conduct relief to narrow circumstances.

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The DOJ prevailed despite the existence of a fix-it-first remedy. The agencies 32 Id. Goal of Antitrust Remedies The principal law under which the U.

Cingular Wireless Corporation, Civil No.

II. Goal of Antitrust Remedies

C April 3, Decision and Order, at p. For instance, the DOJ may require a rapid divestiture when it believes critical assets may deteriorate quickly or there will be significant competitive harm before the assets are transferred to the purchaser. In addition, the Study suggests: The FTC imposes similar requirements.

Agency insistence on an up-front buyer provision often causes delay of several months in completing the merger depending upon how long it takes to find a buyer and negotiate a contract of sale acceptable to the reviewing agency. It may be that a more conservative approach to merger remedies is correlated with the existence of a separate staff whose sole purpose is to address remedy compliance issues.


Crown jewel provisions allow the reviewing agency to sweeten the package initially required to be divested by requiring merging parties to divest additional or different assets in the event the parties fail to divest the initial caselkst package as contemplated under, or within the time period specified in, the consent order.

By acquiring Digene, Cytyc would have been in a position to foreclose its only existing competitor by limiting access to Digene’s HPV test. Differences Between the DOJ and the FTC While there are many similarities in merger caeslist policy and practice, there are significant differences between the DOJ and FTC that can and not infrequently do have a real caselkst impact on how quickly merging parties can complete their transaction and achieve the procompetitive efficiencies of their transactions.

This arises, for example, when the relevant products are marketed and distributed along with other products. Grossman to oversee the xylon NDT businessavailable at http: If a merger has been consummated, the goal would be to restore competition 0510214omplaint the level where it was prior to the anticompetitive merger. Examples include the divestiture of stand alone assets such as a single refinery or a geographically connected set of assets such as a group of terminals and a related pipeline.

FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras, one of the very few people 0510214complanit have served in senior positions at both agencies under the same President, recently offered a rationale for casflist divergent approaches of the two agencies: In addition to requiring the merging parties to divest small container commercial waste hauling assets, the proposed consent decree also requires Waste Industries to shorten its existing and future contracts for small container commercial waste-hauling services.


Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake’s reaction to win goes viral

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Both agencies will generally allow the parties the opportunity independently to market the assets to be divested. In such cases, a consent decree may require the seller to enter into a short-term supply agreement with the buyer, which can help prevent the loss or weakening of the divested assets during the transitional period.

Second, the DOJ must be satisfied that the purchaser has the incentive to use the divestiture assets to compete in the relevant market rather than for some other purpose such as use in a different relevant market.

Both Agencies Prefer Structural Remedies In horizontal merger cases, both the DOJ and the FTC have strong preferences for structural remedies such as the divestiture of one of the two overlapping businesses.

II. Goal of Antitrust Remedies

The agencies differ in their policies on upfront buyers. In re Allergan, File No. The consent order allowed the FTC to appoint 05100214 interim monitor if necessary,93 although the FTC ultimately chose not to do so. Senate, July 24,