We visit Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi’s experimental housing project in the Gallaratese district of Milan, completed in Aymonino was involved in several city-centre planning schemes, including those at Bologna and Turin (both ), Reggio Emilia (with Constantino Dardi. Permalink: ; Title: Carlo Aymonino / Aldo Rossi: Housing complex at the Gallaratese Quarter Milan, Italy,

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Between and he also wrote for Casabellaparticipating to the late s strong, vivid cultural and architectural debates.

Whatever the case, the colonnade of the Gallaratese is the ultimate space of dream. Carlo Aymonino 18 July — 3 July was an Italian architect and urban planner best known for the Monte Amiata housing complex in Milan.

Architecture collections The MAXXI Architettura collections comprise all those artefacts and documents that, in various ways, represent the material and conceptual complexity of architecture. In the same years, he also got trained by Marcello Piacentini. An American cannot fail to guess that Louis Kahn is also present.

Complexo Gallaratese em Milгo. Autores: Carlo Aymonino, Aldo Rossi e outros

You can unsubscribe at any time. Where the world is made”. The first dates back to ; the second to In a word, those forms of dwelling – together with that of the villa – are stored in the history of man to such a degree that they belong as much to anthropology as to architecture. Aldo Rossi, [; ]: At Gallaratese, Aymonino designed complex typologies of apartments, stacked up upon each other at various recessions, alternating glass blocks with balconies and red window frames. Completed in the mids, it was a time when both Italian architects would soar to prominence on the international architecture scene.


As Italo-disco was mixing homegrown electronic beats alongside sampled sounds from across the Atlantic, Aymonino and Rossi similarly looked first to traditional Italian architecture, and then abroad to Bauhaus to construct their style.

Yet in speaking of the forms in which human life is manifested, I ought to elaborate further on some of those structures with which aymknino sense of czrlo has been associated for me and which have impressed me from an archaeological qymonino anthropological point of view farlo since my early youth.

The Centro Archivi curates and manages the MAXXI’s architecture collections and provides the possibility, inside the Sala Studio, to directly consult the documents and database of its twentieth and twenty-first century collections.

To this end his Gallaratese apartment block, designed as part of Carlo Aymonino’s housing complex built on the outskirts of Milan inwas an occasion to evoke the architecture of the traditional Milanese tenement.

The semantic overtones are again erratic, and focus on such oppressive meanings, because the building is oversimplified and monotonous. Retrieved from ” https: OppositionsNova York, n. The most enigmatic, not to say hermetic, aspect of his thought resides in his unstated preoccupation with the Panopticon cf.

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Concerning the former I have mentioned only the superimposition of the Roman grid and the subsequent shifting of this grid, creating an effect like the accidental crack in a mirror. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. The street as a place of sharing and innovation, the principal laboratory for artists, architects and creatives. Princeton Architectural Press, Consequently inthe City of Milan and Monte Amiata entered into a business deal for the construction of the housing project, an early example of public and private housing enterprise that has now become the norm.


Emerging Concepts in Urban Space Designp. Serious critics and apologists for them, such as Manfredo Tafuri, find themselves evading the obvious in their attempt to justify such buildings with elaborate, esoteric interpretation. I have mentioned the corrales of Seville, the courtyards of Milan, in particular the courtyard of the Hotel Sirena; and the balconies, arcades, corridors, as well as the literary and actual impressions made on me by convents, schools, barracks.

Similarly his town hall for Trieste, projected in the form of a penitentiary inwas both a homage to the local 19th-century building tradition and a sardonic comment on the ultimate nature of modern bureaucracy. Once completed inMonte Amiata tried to sell it off ahmonino the municipality of Milan, and then in decided to sell the dwellings at a reduced price to enable lower income earners to become home owners.

This was located in Rome, on Ayminino Tiburtina, and is a remarkable example of Italian neo-realism. The MIT Press, The language of post-modern architecture. Born in Romehe studied at the University of Romeobtaining his degree in Between andwith the very famous Mario Ridolfi and Ludovico Quaroni he had his first real professional experience, building the INA-Casa housing complex. It is difficult to imagine other forms, other geometric representations, precisely because we do not already have examples of them.