Canon Ir Error Code List. Code Description. E Communication error ( with pedestal). E Communication error (with ASSIST). Free downloads Error Codes Canon iRPage 1 of 5 Error Codes Canon iR Download here the full version of service manual iR Code List. Thank you for purchasing the Canon iR/iR/iR Series Machine. This Manual describes the use of the List of Error Codes Without Messages.

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After replacement, be sure to enter the service mode data newly. State Does the scanner operate when the power is turned on? The fan is faulty.

Canon Ir 3300 Error Code List

Sensor lever damage and interferenceSensor Is abnormal noise heard from the horizontal registration assembly in keeping with the motor rotation? E A specific level cannot be attained for the signal during CCD gain correction at power-on. The main controller PCB is faulty. The horizontal registration motor is faulty. E The temperature of the fixing film is as follows: The main power supply PCB is faulty.

The puncher motor clock sensor PI3P is faulty. Caution When this code occurs, no code is indicated, but the keys are ir300. The puncher driver PCB is faulty.


If E, replace the main xodes PCB. Is it 0 W short circuit? The waste toner sensor is faulty. Main cause The LAN card is faulty. Fixing film sensor Check the fixing film rotation signal.

Canon IR 3300 Error Code List

Correct the wiring caonn the connection. Main cause The wiring is faulty short circuit, open cano, disconnection. Main cause The folding roller home position sensor PI12 is faulty. The laser scanner motor M10 is faulty. The stack handling motor M2 relay harness is faulty. E At the start of the motor CCW operation, the stack handling motor M2 may be driven for a specific number of rotations; however, the stack delivery lever home position sensor S8 does not go ON.

E At the start of the motor CW operation, the stack handling motor M2 may be driven for a specific number of rotations; however, the stack delivery lever home position sensor S8 does not go ON.

The return roller is faulty.

Contact Is any of the contacts of the primary charging roller, developing assembly, or transfer charging roller soiled? Pedestal main motor Try replacing the pedestal main motor. The heater drive power supply is faulty.

The tray upper limit sensor PI15 is faulty. Connector Is the connector of the fixing motor connected? The front aligning plate is subjected to an excess load.


Main cause The IPC communication is faulty. Connect the connectors ir33300. Replace the main power supply PCB. If this error occurs frequently, however, a fault on the main controller PCB is a possibility.

Canon IR Error Code List – Copy Care Enterprise

Main cause The fixing film sensor PS45 is faulty. Does the output of the scanner home position sensor change? The sensor is faulty and cannot detect home position. The heater has an open circuit, or the thermal switch is open. Or, is there poor contact? The front alignment motor relay harness is faulty.

Main cause The PCI bus has poor connection. Caution To clear the error, execute the following in service move: Replace the sensor lever.

Canon Ir Error Code List – Copy Care Enterprise

The return roller home position sensor S3 is faulty, the harness connector is disconnected, or an open circuit exits. The fixing heater has an open circuit.

Main cause The stapler home position sensor PI19 is faulty.