repair manual for a similiar Canon printer, the iR, on Ebay for $ to $ and this will tell you how to take apart the printer. I had the same. imageCLASS D – Canon Inc. Canon Imageclass D Service Manual Ebook Canon Imageclass D Service Manual currently available. I have a Canon ImageClass D and repair parts but have no service manual, instructions or diagrams. Canon USA is of No Help on this- they.

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If an error occurs often because of a line condition at time of transmission, set it to imagecclass If set to ‘1’ unmodulated carrier will be transmitted as a sync signal before transmission of an image for about msec. T Connector 8 Is the connection of the following connectors normal: These features allow you to sort copies in order of pages, and create special copies easily. If worn or faulty, replace it. Select it to mute the monitor sound for the telephone line for the speaker. FREQ Hz On 1 Copy 2 on 1 Copy Use 2 on 1 to reduce 2 sheets to fit on one sheet.

NO Place the paper correctly. F 5 Free the harness [1] from the harness guide [2]. Use it to execute various testings. F 3 Remove the 2 screws [1], and detach the right cover immageclass. T Contact sensor 11 Try replacing the iimageclass sensor.

If no fault is found, try skew removal once again. Control Panel This section describes keys used when making copies and setting the additional functions. T Paper selection for manual feed 3 Is the setting of paper selection suited setvice the type of paper placed in the manual feed tray?


The original is not of a standard size or thickness. Replace the faulty roller.

If equipped with fax functions. During a communication, the telephone line was disconnected. Go through steps sevice through On the next page, the screens that appear when ‘1’ through ‘4’ are pressed are shown together with the sensor names and the sensor states when the machine is in standby state.

imageCLASS D860

F [1] 5 Return the reader unit to its initial position. Yes Execute test printing.

Thereafter, the paper is controlled so that its leading edge matches the leading edge of the image on the photosensitive drum by means of the paper leading edge sensor PS ; it then is moved through the transfer, separation, feeding, and fixing assemblies to reach the delivery tray. When the cassette pickup solenoid SL2 goes ON, the drive of the main motor M1 is transmitted to the cassette pickup roller assembly to rotate the cassette d680 roller. T Paper 5 Try paper of a recommended type.

A change may be made to ‘7. If set to ‘0’ on the other hand, the machine will sound the alarm and enters standby state.

Canon Imageclass D ADF

If the deformation cannot cnaon corrected, replace the cassette. When no operations are performed for about five minutes, the machine automatically enters the energy saver mode. All service persons are expected to have a good understanding of the contents of this Service Manual and all relevant Service Information bulletins and be able to identify and isolate faults in the machine.


As log as the other party complies with the International Standards of ITU-T, the machine can communicate with it by means of subaddresses. Action 1 Malfunction Turn off the power; wait for 10 min, and turn on the power. The user data is not cleared. If ‘prohibit’ is selected, Super Fine reception from a non-Canon machine can no longer be used. T Registration roller locking mechanisms 5 Is the registration roller locking spring normal? Leading edge margin L feeding direction Copy of the test sheet F 3 Press the Additional Functions key and the key to start service mode.

Advise the mankal to use recommended paper. Set it to ‘1’if an error occurs often because of an error at time of reception. Repairs not covered under this warranty will be charged to you at the then-current service rates of the ASF.

If the dirt is excessive, use alcohol with lint-free paper.

Ask the operator of the other party to set paper. If copy cannon is sticking out of the cassette Sometimes, when you pull out the cassette, paper may stick out, as shown in the illustration below. Technical support for this product is provided exclusively through our Knowledge Base. YES Replace the damaged gear.

Please use transparencies recommended by Canon.