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This book had me guessing all the way to the end and the journey to solve the mystery was never boring. Refresh and try again. Outside of a lack of character development, the clues were presented in the worst way possible. Lo utiliza tanto que resulta irritante. This would have been moderately believable if Erica displayed any level of intelligence.

Erica is vehemently opposed to the sale of her parents home. On top of all the bad characterizations and dopey plotting, bad writing abounds.

The characters lacked depth and we weren’t being told enough to maintain mystery. Rule 2 Editorializing takes the reader right out of the book: Quotes from La princesa de hielo. The two are immediately attracted to one another, but for Patrick a former attraction was rekindled.

Patrik, a policeman investigating Alexandra’s case, walks without Mellberg’s consent into the crime scene with Erica, and she shows him the key.


Plus, they have sex 5 times in one night just like in a boddice-ripping romance novel. Panic and shock drive him out into the road where he enlists the aid of Erica Falck.

Otherwise one is simply a sad old crone, and no one wants that, you know. And this is from a female writer, which further shows that it’s not just men who can’t write a decent female character. Plus a lot of careful, interesting and varying descriptions of the coffee people brewed.

La princesa de hielo by Camilla Läckberg (5 star ratings)

Nobody arrests Anders Nilson for information withholding for a whole week he knew that Alexandra was dead and told nobody. I will definitely be reading the second in this fe. The murder mystery is lackluster and takes a back seat to the author’s obvious issues with any woman not skinny and beautiful or at least working to be skinny and beautiful.

kackberg Rule 5 Patrik is not a nice person. I feel so lackluster about this book that it’s not even worth posting a review. I kept mentally correcting the sentences I read, trying to make them more exciting than they presently were there was a lot to work with.

This book was very creepy, but I liked the way the author was able to evoke a “somebody’s watching me! Nothing appealed, and then I came across this on my shelf. He’s only nice if his genitals are involved.

Per niente coinvolgente, personaggi descritti in modo ridicolo, scontato e banale. In this story nothing was compelling. But he blushes 5 times! The Ice Princess highlights another form of domestic violence that can affect everyone who is involved.


La princesa de hielo

Really lackluster mystery offering. Summer tourists are turning the former fishing village into a thriving resort, and Erica’s controlling brother-in-law is pressuring her to cash in by selling the family home.

Maybe I would have been shocked to discover who the murderer was, if I’d had a chance to solve the mystery, but I didn’t. I like Camilla Lackberg portrayal of her characters and the way they intertwine with each other.


And these princsea just the law mistakes. Another woman’s whole description is ‘ugly duckling’ which is the basis for her being unlovable and angry.

I love Scandinavian authors; they are so honest in their writing and princes try to dummy down anything. Once I guessed the killer in this book, I was bored.

It seemed all anyone could think about was how they looked. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Her first four novels all became Swedish bestsellers. The whole thing comes over as very natural and realistic and, because both characters are strong and attractive, the match feels like one that will last.