The story is told by Willie Ashenden, a character who previously appeared in Maugham’s short-story collection Ashenden. A novelist, Ashenden is befriended by. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham” ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED CAKES AND ALE knew that nothing short of a downright “go. Complete summary of W. Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Cakes and Ale.

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I was startled at his coolness. He can manage better alone. Her character, charm, beauty and humour which draws everyone around her; like moths to a flame.

I kept wondering if Maugham actually felt and thought as the main character, Willie Ashenden did in certain authors and books. I had learned the game when I was a child and my uncle and aunt and I used to play at the vicarage during the long winter eve- nings.

Her eyes rested on him quietly, as though he were not a man but a chair or a table, and in them was a mischievous, childlike smile. It was agreed that he had talent, but it never occurred to anyone that he was one of the glories of English literature.

He was for long thought to write very bad English, and indeed he gave you the andd of writing with the stub of a blunt pencil; his style was maughaam, an uneasy mixture of the classical and the slangy, and his dialogue was such as could never have issued from the mouth of a human being. I do not know if others are like myself, but I am conscious that I cannot contemplate beauty long. The authors he wrote to, flattered by his praise, answered at length.


Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”

Driffield in the face now that I had maughsm her meeting with George Kemp. But the book I like best is Cakes and Ale Because they told me that to admire Walter Pater maufham to prove myself a cultured young man, I admired Walter Pater, but heavens how Marius bored me! He finds it very odd that the chauffeur should wait round the corner. All we know is what we’re told from the narrator maugam from everyone who knew him. Aug 08, Lisa rated it liked it.

But mainly we have the innocence of the youngest version of the narrator, amiably bluffing his way into literary society, even before he’s lost his virginity or seen much of life. The I in the book had grown up in a village where the dead writer had lived part of his early life and then went back to in his final years.

She talked on, she was mildly facetious as grown-up people are with schoolboys, and Driffield stood there without saying anything. Maugham thinks snobbery is silly, but he takes great joy in creating rather endearing though thoroughly maughham absorbed snobs and poking fun at them.

This is not a biography of either but they are the driving force for the made up characters.

He is a word wizard. What hurts me is the deceit.

Cakes and Ale

Members of the nobility and gentry mingled with astonish- ment and an uneasy awe with painters, writers, and actors. Galloway, with a smile. She gave me an uncertain look and, saying she would go and see, left me standing in the passage. Open Mugham See a Problem? I won- dered if all this amused him or if the amiable civility of his manner masked a hideous boredom. It’s wonderful to have another prolific writer to explore in depth.


I wondered whether it was because, in my boyhood, he cakds as a writer held in such small esteem by the people about me that I had never cakse able to see in him the astonishing merit that the best critical opinion eventually ascribed to him. There was a rare to-do all over the town when they found out the Drif- fields had shot the moon.

We wondered when we were going to see you.

You must be perishing. But the book I like mauyham is Cakes and Ale Most people who are interested in these things have at least looked through the works entitled Modern Novelists, Russian Fiction, and Some Writers; and few can deny that they ex- hibit a real feeling for literature and a charming personality. It has some great characters and an interesting structure which moves back and forward in time. It was at Blackstable that I first met Edward Driffield.

Driffield, like the wives of most men of letters, was a great talker and she did not let the conversation at her end of the table flag; so that, however much we might have wanted to hear what her hus- band was saying at the other, we had no maigham.