led the steel wire cable tray revolution. In , Cablofil joins Swifts and Salamandre as a specialist range within Legrand’s market leading cable management. THE FIRST NAME IN WIRE CABLE TRAY. Over 35 years ago, Cablofil invented the concept of wire cable tray and introduced it to the European market. CABLOFIL. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 1, route de Semur Montbard – FRANCE. Tel.: +33 (0) 89 58 Fax: + 33 (0) 89 58

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Wire Mesh Cable Tray. This TOS contain the entire understanding of the you and Cablofil regarding you and Cablofil regarding the use of the Web Site, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements and understandings between you and Cablofil regarding the use of the Web Site. Thus, Cablofil will own exclusively all such right, title and interest and shall not be limited in any way in the use, commercial or otherwise, of any Comments.

You may not use any of these trademarks, trade dress, or trade names without the express written permission of Cablofil.

Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Achrafieh Bldg, 6th Floor P. Except as expressly provided below, the Web Site may only be used by individuals and entities who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Tfay factory for special colors. Chat Is Currently Offline Thank you, a representative will be in touch with you soon.


Chat Bas,et Currently Offline Leave a message here to request a call back from our customer support team. Changes to the Web Site. Subject to the terms and conditions of this TOS, you are hereby granted a limited, non-exclusive right to use the content and materials on our Web Site in the normal course of your use of the Web Site.

Modular system design, with flexible metal clad cables that plug into each other. Choose a solution for branch circuit wiring.

Single and dual compartment low profile raceway design. Pin and sleeve contact design.

This TOS will survive indefinitely unless and until Cablofil chooses to terminate them, regardless of whether you have the right to access or use the Cblofil Site. Will interface with various wire management solutioins: Cablofil will not be liable for failing to perform under this TOS by the occurrence of any event beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, a labor disturbance, an Internet outage or interruption of service, a communications caglofil, failure by a service provider to Cablofil to perform, fire, terrorism, natural disaster or war.

If your access to the Web Site is terminated, Cablofil reserves the right to exercise whatever means baskett deems necessary to prevent unauthorized access to the Web Site, including, but not limited to, technological barriers, IP mapping, and direct contact with your Internet Service Provider.

Wire Mesh Cable Trays. Units can be prewired for power.

Bticino, calle Roma, Urb. Boxes mount over continuous run of raceway base eliminating the need to cut raceway when locating devices. Saves time and labor costs. System components rated cablocil 20 amps and tested to volts. Products are suitable for use in air handling spaces and raised floor plenums. Find all of our BIM objects for Cablofil products.


If you are obligated to provide indemnification pursuant to this provision, Cablofil may, in its sole and absolute discretion, control the disposition of any Claim at your sole cost and expense. That combination does not exist. Cable Tray- CF You may not deep link to portions of the Web Site; or frame, inline link, or similarly display any Cablofil property, including, without limitation, the Web Site.

Page headers, custom graphics, button icons and scripts are trademarks or trade dress of Cablofil. Shipped within 5 days traj order placement. Cablofil Wiremesh Cable Tray concept based upon performance, safety and economy; three qualities which make Cablofil Wiremesh Cable Tray system preferred by installers.

Large mesh size 2″ wide by 4″ long: Prewired units reduce labor costs for field installation.


Allow the end-user to configure services where they want and need them. You may not use any Cablofil logo or other of its trademarks as part of a link without express written permission.

Despite all the reported do Provides functionality and flexibility with aesthetics for single or dual service applications.