While we’re on the subject of connecting the COMMODORE 64 to other pieces of “BASIC Conversions Handbook, Apple, TRS-. 80, and PET”, David A. Brain. C=commodore. COMPUTER. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page This online edition of the Commodore 64 User Manual is an offspring of months of work. I’ve tried my best to make it look and feel as much as the original paper.

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While the device is awesome, I felt the documentation was less than stellar. And that led me to put together this resource to help others handbuxh are first experimenting running SD Cards on the Commodore series of computers. This is not the parallel version used on the Commodore PETs, but rather a stripped down serial version that was designed specifically for the consumer lines.

Commodore 64 User’s Guide – CWiki

The IEC serial bus is used for many different types of peripherals, the most common two being printers and disk drives. The tape drive was also on this serial bus, albeit on a different physical connector.

This allows Commodore computers to read and write to SD cards rather than than 5. Additionally an SD card is far more reliable and less prone to damage as compared to floppies. At least a nice PDF you can download right?

One word of caution as I found out quickly, you need to use a smaller card. I tried several 32, 64, and GB cards nandbuch were laying in my drawer and handbucj of them were compatible. I wound up purchasing a Transcend five pack of these 2GB cards from Amazon on they worked perfect first try.

Another recommendation is not to use an SD card which has been previously used for some other operating system such as a Raspberry Pi.

Again, I just recommend buying a new card. Once the card is formatted its now ready handubch be prepared for use. Although these programs are not strictly needed, they do make the task much simpler. On some versions of Windows it has been reported that the Explorer will add an extension to the file. If this happens you will need to rename the file and remove everything including the period.


Final Cartridge 3

It is recommended that habdbuch create directories and drop the files into them. This is especially true if you have a multi-disk game. Games like the Ultima series of role-playing games come on several disks and will be much easier to play if they are in their own directory. LST file, but more on that later. Strictly speaking though, directories are optional and you can place handbucch D64 images right in the root of the SD card along with the FB64 program.

SD2IEC Manual (How to use the SD2IEC on the C64) – The Geek Pub

You can find many ready to download D64 images just by doing a quick Google search. Once your there turn off the computer and unplug the power connector from it. One is powered from the user port, while the other is powered from the tape port. Regardless, the connector is labeled with a top and bottom side. Make sure top is up and plug it into the corresponding port on your Commodore computer. If you also bought a Fastload Reloaded cartridge, now is the time to install it.

It simply plugs into the cartridge port of the Commodore While this is completely optional it will dramatically increase the speed of loaded software from the SD2IEC or even a real disk drive. C644 highly recommend if this is your first time using the SD2IEC that you have any other peripherals disconnected. Do not install modems, daisy chain disk drives, printers, or other devices with the SD2IEC installed until you know everything is working correctly.

Simply type the following commands:. Use the cursor keys to browse the menu to select the disk image you want to mount and then simply select the program in handubch disk image that you wish to load and press return. The next screen will show you the contents of the disk image you just selected to mount. Select the file you want to open and press return. In a matter of just a few seconds you should see your game on the screen and ready to play!

In my case I am playing Spelunker, one of my all time favorite C64 games even if it was ridiculously hard to win. There are some additional SD2IEC features that the average user may not be interested in, but could help if your a more advanced user. This file should simple contain a list of D64 images in the correct order. Now instead of selecting a disk image, press Q to exit the program.


This will select the first disk. Enter the C64 load commands or follow whatever instructions your game came with as shown c4.

This will load the game. When you reach the last disk, the SD2IEC will simply start the list over and select the first disk again. This is the default Commodore 64 Disk ID. Enter this command to that:. I have the same SD2IEC as you have cc64 and it works with the original Epyx fastload cartridge from the 80s without any problem!

Brilliant article for a novice, thank you, especially the information on setting up the reader for a VIC How to use blank. D64 for having all the files on it? Thanks if you can handguch me! Thanks I nave just got my sd2iec different model, without cables ; i need to understand the function of the two pushbuttons, i suppose one for reset and one for changing image.

Did you managed to make your one working, i think i have the same like you all on one board power from tape port and with DIN port to connect drive. It is a very well written and informative article. I wish it would expand the discussion on firmware and how to upgrade it. Since I have 2 hooked to my 64, I switched to 10 instead of 9. After 2 years not being able to load anything else than. I wonder where that 2 byte offset came from.

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Mac SD Card Formatter. Windows Format SD Card. Thanks I nave just got my sd2iec different model, without cables ; i need to understand the function of the two pushbuttons, i suppose one for reset and one for changing image Reply. Did you managed to make your one working, i think i have the same like you all on one board power from tape port and with DIN port to connect drive Reply.

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