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An annotation is a marker which associates information with a program construct, but has no effect at run time. It is a compile-time error if an interface method declaration is default or static and has a semicolon for its body.

If Foo has no Target meta-annotation and FooContainer has no Target meta-annotation, then Foo may be repeated on any program element which supports annotations. P nis derived by applying the substitution [ P 1: It is a compile-time error if, in a declaration context or type context, there is one annotation of a repeatable annotation type T and multiple annotations of annitations containing annotation type of T.

It is a compile-time error for the body of an interface declaration to declare two fields with the same name.

Note that the illegal terms are illegal “everywhere”. Interface I is said to be a subinterface of interface K whenever K is a superinterface of I. Repeatable Annotation Types 9.

The superinterface relationship is the transitive closure of the direct superinterface relationship. If one of the interface types in the intersection is java. Details that are specific to particular kinds of interfaces are discussed in the sections dedicated to these constructs. These semantics are specified in this section.

If A i is a upper-bounded wildcard? Any non- abstract class annotatios implements interface RealPointInterface must provide implementations of all three method annotattions.

It is a compile-time error if a method is declared with more than one of the modifiers abstractdefaultannotatiobs static. Local variable declarations are similar to formal parameter declarations of lambda expressions, in that both allow declaration annotations and type annotations in source code, but only the type annotations can be stored in the class file.


Programmers occasionally overload a method declaration when they mean to override it, leading to subtle problems.

Debian — Error

It is a compile-time error if an annotation type T is meta- annotated with an Repeatable annotation whose value element indicates a type which is not a containing annotation type of T. Interfaces may not be annptations instantiated.

Foo is a declaration annotation on f if Foo is meta-annotated by Target ElementType. If the annotation’s type is applicable in the declaration context corresponding to the declaration, and not in type contexts, then the annotation is deemed to apply only to the declaration.

Field declarations including enum constants. In this case, it would be possible to give priority to one or the other – perhaps we would assume that the default method provides a reasonable implementation for the abstract method, too. Note that an Repeatable meta-annotation on the declaration of Tindicating TCis not sufficient to make TC the containing annotation type of T. The members of an interface type are:. If two or more distinct field modifiers appear in a field declaration, it is customary, though not required, that they appear in the order consistent with that shown above in the production for ConstantModifier.

It is a compile-time error if a member type declaration in an interface has the modifier protected or private. By convention, the only AnnotationTypeElementModifier s that should be present on an annotation type element are annotations.

Then, Foo should not be legal next to E. If the element value is not an ElementValueArrayInitializerthen an array value whose sole element is the element value is associated with the element.


If T does not have a meta- annotation m that corresponds to java. It is a compile-time error if an annotation type declaration T contains an element of type Teither directly or indirectly. The Identifier in an annotation type declaration specifies the name of the annotation type. The same argument about potential contract violation applies here, but in this case there is an inherent imbalance between classes and interfaces. Right inherits name from Topbut Bottom inherits name from Leftnot Right.

This program causes two compile-time errors, because j is referred to in the initialization of f before j is declared, and because the initialization of k refers to k itself.

It provides a default implementation for any class that implements the interface without overriding the method. It is possible for an interface to inherit more than one field with the same name. Be sure to read the legal notes. Technically, however, Foo would be admissible next to E because the next deepest term F denotes an inner class; but this is moot as the class nest is illegal in the first place.

Chapter 2: Introduction

An interface declaration may include interface modifiers. Multiply Inherited Fields If a single field is inherited multiple times from the same interface because, for example, both this interface and one of this interface’s direct superinterfaces extend the interface that declares the field, then only a single annohations results. However, repeating the annotation of type FooContaineras in:.