Imam Al-Busiri’s Qasida Al-Burda (Full English Translation) This resulted in the poem being named “Qasidah Burdah” (The Poem of the. 21 تموز (يوليو) English translation of lyrics for Burdah by Mesut Kurtis. مولاي صلّ وسلم دائما أبدآ على حبيبك خير الخلق كلهم مولاي صلي وسلم دائما أبدآ على حبيبك. 22 آذار (مارس) On the Martial Struggle of the Prophet (SAW) (English Translation courtesy of – The Burdah (The Singable Translation) by Mostafa Azzam) رَاعَتْ.

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How many queries did the words of Allah have with defiers. Gushing forth from the sea or like the torrential flood of Arim. He uses this poem as a Waseela agency through Rasuluallah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam to gain acceptance in the court of Allah. His only hope is to love Rasuluallah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam and gain his intercession.

Whenever time caused me any distress and I took refuge in him.

What was his experience with them in each contest battle. Ask them about the condition of Hunain, Badr, Uhad. I pray to Allah Almighty to forgive all of our sins, especially of those who recite, spread the message of recitation of Durood, teach the Durood, listen to the Durood, convince to it and publicize the Durood; and give all of us love for Nabi Akram Ahis Family, his Companions y ; and give who follow them, the real peace and calm and the success in both this life and Hereafter for the sake of His beloved Prophet Muhammad A.

No perfume equals the dust earth which is touching his Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallams mubarak body. You must log in or register to reply here. They would strike the enemy with a massive wave of brave warriors. The house in which this qasidah is kept, will be safe-guarded from thieves, etc.

What has happened to your eyes, the more you tell them to stop, the more they continue flowing. By means of a cloud which rained so abundantly, you would think large rivers For a guest that has lodged on my head nor did I honour him. He uses this poem as a Waseela through Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam to gain acceptance in the court of Allah. Seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty and intersession of Rasoolullah A.


Translation of “Al-Burdah” in English

But I have an ample excuse in the fact that the cause of Islam has equal claims to the best services of all whether small or great, in proportion to their abilities. He transcends the Ambiyaa, physically and in noble character. Upon this request the poet became wonder struck and said, “I take an oath that no one knows about this poem.

Ibn Abi Hajala al-Tilimsani d. The child will be saved from all types of calamities. Because he does not know that there is poison in the fat. Of forbidden sights and regard it as obligatory upon yourself to guard your eyes from forbidden things. If a person has important work, he should recite it 26 times on the night of Jumah Thursday evening and give 26 things in charity.

But I received a great gift the best hand that was ever kissed. After working some time as a scribe in the treasury in the city of Bilbis, he returned to Cairo and participated in educational and teaching activities in the Quranic private teaching institution.

To have male children recite times. So they could not make distinction between a lamb and a mighty warrior. What is the matter with your heart, the more you tell it to come to its senses, the more it is distracted. Like how Hadhrat Yunus Alayis Salaam when he made tasbih of Allah was thrown out from the stomach of the swallowing fish. And fear the evil of both hunger and satiation. The dervish wanted Busiri to give him the ode he recited in the presence of the Prophet the night before. The other is being from Dalas in Egypt.

At this stage the poet, reflecting on his past life and regretting the waste of his energies in serving and eulogising wordly people, which would rather compromise his interest in the good of the next world, makes amends by devoutly offering the poem to the Prophetand tenders his apology, feeling confident in the generosity of the Prophet and the promises held forth by him to his people, which leave him no reason for despair even in spite of the enormity of his sins The house in which this qasidah is read daily, its inhabitants will also be bestowed with seven benefits: That which him Rasuluallah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam ha of noble character and good habits.


Rabiulawal Playlist: Qasidah Burdah with English Translation –

Then stop its inclinations and beware that it does not overpower you. Next Post Burdah Chapter 9. Running the mounted on the backs of fast camels. Consisting of twelve eulogies which were dispersed in classical sources, his poetry was gathered together and published under the name of Diwan al-Busiri pub.

Concerning him, and the clear evidence of Allahdisputed many a plaintiff. I have found him to be best sanctuary for my salvation. From diseases of the eyes. You were invited to his majestic and unique position. And attribute towards his personality whatever you wish of excellence. The habitation of reciting the Durood is also the guarantee that Allah Transoation would take the responsibility of all works of reciter regarding both this life and Hereafter.

If land is infertile, read and make damm blow on the seeds, thereafter plant them, abundant crops will grow. In his dream he saw in his dream the Prophet Muhammad asked Busiri to read the ode the poet burcah for him. I regarded with suspicion the advice of the elders in reproaching me. Like the cloud following him wherever he went.

For labour pains child birthread 3 times and blow on rose water. The news of his being sent alarmed the hearts of the foes, Just like a roar causing heedless sheep to startle and flee- -Extra lines of hurdah by Mostafa Azam.

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