La biología de la creencia. La biología de la creencia. Edición de tapa dura. Our Price: $ Quantity *. Book Titles: The Biology of Belief. Catalog. Buy La biologia de la creencia: la liberacion del poder de la conciencia la materia y los milagros Madrid by Bruce H Lipton (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Buy La biología de la creencia: la liberación del poder de la conciencia, la materia y los milagros 1ª ed. by Bruce H. Lipton, Concepción Rodríguez González.

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His metaphor involving a computer in this section draws a clear picture even for t The main hypothesis of Dr. This is an exciting book that reveals a scientific basis for the demolition of the theory of genetic determinism.

La biología de la creencia by Bruce H. Lipton (4 star ratings)

I love books that delve into current and cutting edge science and bring it full circle to a world view that offers hope and understanding in the midst of old-world superstition on the one hand and cold, clinical and, as it turns out, often wrong-headed scientific reductionism. A little belief can go a long way. In fact, as you focused through the entire structure of the atom, all you would observe is a physical void.

Okay, it IS a science book, but it was really interesting! But the accounts of how he made his discoveries have the mark of authenticity, and are exciting, as all stories of discovery are. No trivia or quizzes yet. The nucleus contains all genetic material, so this makes sense.

How do we change our subconscious programming? I read this book around just for the reason it had a reeeally cool book cover. Anything is possible with a tamed mind. What you have left is an invisible, tornado-like vortex.


Una forma de integrar lo The book is well written and follows a thought process that is easy to follow. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The author spends time showing how it is not the cell’s nucleus, with its set of chromosomes, that is the “brain” of the cell, but rather the cell’s membrane –the fatty envelope that holds the cell together–that performs this function.

Furthermore, there is a lot of reference to quantum physics in this book, but little of it is used other than Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence theorem. The last two chapters are OK, some pipton welcome self-help, consciousness and his thoughts leaning towards new age and mind-body-spirit.

I had to push through the first 3 chapters, but did enjoy the book very much.

La biología de la creencia

No, there has not been a printing mistake; atoms are made out of invisible energy not tangible matter! The genes we are born with is a general framework but because something may run in the family does not mean we necessarily have to succumb to buologia are condemned to this fate.

I don’t think it was until my second semester of physics, during a lecture on the theory of In college, I was took two semesters of General Chem, Biology, and Physics simultaneously that was a busy year!

The Biology of Belief discussion 1 13 Jul 01, Nevertheless, Lipton’s description of his enthusiasm when experiencing his big insight, and of the effect his revelation had on his beliefs, development and life as a whole make this book creejcia from dry, and in fact l. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Lists with This Book. However, when the same atoms are described in terms of voltage potentials and wavelengths, they dw the qualities and properties of energy waves.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is open to seeing the bigger picture and living more in accordance with natural law. Bruce Lipton may, by the final page, make you a believer.


But I sense that Bruce Lipton is a seeker, and perhaps his continuing research and collaboration will prove ever more fruitful. This meshes well with terrain-based infectious theories of Bechamp, Rife, Enderlein etc.

I love the way Dr. Return to Book Page. Therefore, what we were taught during this time period has a huge effect on our beliefs, perceptions, and our biology. Amazing one, a totally different perspective of looking what goes within and impact the outside world!!

The author is a cell scientist, and by understanding cells and quantum physics, he sets out to show that our beliefs really do change our biology. The world is not our enemy; it is our belief that it is that causes disease. Interesting book with ideas which intrigued me. Now remove the sand and dirt from the funnel cloud.

This is easier said than done, but it is eminently possible, and certainly more so than changing our genome.

Want to Read saving…. Change the signals, change your genetic expression. It is joyous, freeing, and empowering. It is quite well written, I just finished Michio Kakus Hyperspace and that is a very well written book.

Cambia tu futuro por las aperturas temporales Bjologia Edition. Dios existe, aunque de diferentes formas y nombres.

The first few chapters of this book felt a bit like a weak attempt to build the credibility of the author. He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology.