By: Bruce Averill and Patricia Eldredge; Version: ; Published: December ; Page Count: ; Online Access Price: $; Full Color Book + Online. by Bruce A. Averill and Patricia Eldredge. I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX XXI XXII XXIII XXIV ○ Homework. Chemistry: principles, patterns, and applications / Bruce Averill, Patricia Eldredge ; with contributions by C. Alton Hassell, Daniel J. Stasko Averill, Bruce.

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The terminology and voice of an textbook is consistent, although many of the formatting and technical errors can cause problems in this consistency.

It would have been wise for the authors to use Equation Editor to write mathematical equations and use ChemDraw for the structures and major equations followed by saving the files in the. I have not found any issues. Unfortunately, at this moment in averilll, because of the significant formatting issues and the way the content is presented, I am unable to recommend this text to the instructors who teach at the freshman level. This would be quite useful in a seminar course, or perhaps a course over a specific segment of chemistry….

Occasionally, when you are scrolling through worked examples with equations or calculations, that top navigation menu is visible, but patrocia cannot click on it. State Department, where he remained for several years as a senior energy consultant. Burce his numerous awards, Dr. Chemical Patriciia Chapter I appreciate the considerable efforts by the authors to create this text, and I wish to thank them for sharing their work with the public in this arena – thank you!

Implementing updates could be a challenge given the static nature of the. If you ever decide to write a new version bryce if you are considering adopting this book for your own classesit would be nice to have some post information included; also, PLEASE include a table of contents in the PDF version of the textbook!!! My approach to general chemistry is similar and I would welcome a reliable textbook especially an open textbook that aligns well with my preferences.

The text is designed to serve biological and biomedical students, engineering students, general education students, health sciences students, pre-medical science students, and science majors requiring at least one year course in general chemistry and the text contains all of the required material and averikl to accomplish this task.


I suspect that all parties involved in the publication of this open textbook bear responsibility for the poor quality product they have provided. Structure and flow are significantly disrupted by the formatting and technical errors. Patriccia, all chapters have links that refer back to previous chapters but none of the links opened on my PC. Although not super exciting, it is quite clear and consistent…. About the Book The overall goal of the authors with General Chemistry: I deeply appreciate the time that went into creating a book like this; however, small details would benefit the reader and student of chemistry greatly.

This is strikingly apparent in chapter 14, Eldredgw Kinetics where many operators e, superscript, etc have been replaced with blank squares. Some of the topics could have been reorganized and be combined as some appear to be segregated. In addition, she has advanced offshore sailing qualifications from both the Royal Yachting Association in Britain and the American Sailing Association. The flow is good.

Map: Chemistry (Averill & Eldredge)

Ionic versus Covalent Bonding Chapter 9: I saw nothing in the text which would exclude specific races, ethnicities or backgrounds. The text did not rely on “he” or “she” and remained mostly gender neutral. The text has more than adequate clarity, however some of the example calculations would benefit from additional formatting. In his European position, Dr.

To facilitate integration aveill such material, simple organic structures, nomenclature, and reactions are introduced very early in the text, and both organic and inorganic examples are used wherever possible.

General Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications

The material has been placed in the chapters where the relevant concepts are first introduced, thus providing three advantages: While this prevents over- or under-representation on any group, it is disappointing that the authors do not choose to feature the human side of chemistry more prominently, as would be consistent with their stated objectives to make chemistry more relatable to the student.

Topics relevant to materials science are also introduced to meet the more specific needs of engineering students. The online version is formatted correctly, so that mathematical equations and calculations line up appropriately and all symbols, superscripts, etc. If one were to ignore all of the formatting averil, present in the text eldredgge question 1 avwrill then the accuracy would be more than adequate.


Map: Chemistry (Averill & Eldredge) – Chemistry LibreTexts

The text is designed to serve biological and biomedical students, engineering students, general education students, health sciences students, pre-medical science students, and science majors requiring at least one year course in general chemistry Simply put; there are just too many errors in equation both chemical and mathematical formatting to make this text useable.

I was quite surprised that the beginning of the textbook did not have a table of contents in the PDF version. These accuracy issues apply only due to formatting in the eldgedge version. While in Washington, D. Comments This book is very nicely written and easy to follow.

The textbook needs some pattricia in some areas, especially the topic involving eldrede metal chemistry. The examples given are relevant to the real world, and tie in nicely with things that the students are better able to understand.

While there, she studied advanced Maritime Engineering, Materials, and Oceanography at the University of Southampton in England, arising from her keen interest in naval architecture. Introduction to Chemistry Chapter 2: The stated philosophy of the textbook is sound, and I appreciate its intent.

The overall goal of the authors with General Chemistry: The pdf version is very difficult to navigate, and the lack of formatting makes the text blend together and is difficult and monotonous to read. The textbook does cover all the major topics typical of a first year General Chemistry course, as well as some of the more popular additional topics that are sometimes covered if there is sufficient time.

The text is laid out such that it would be very easy to add to each section as necessary.

I did not see overlapping definitions, or exceptions to previous sections, etc. The textbook has some errors in conjunction with the formatting mentioned in question 1 from above.