Sin City Volume 6: Booze, Broads, & Bullets (3rd Edition) [Frank Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Sin City graphic novels are. Sin City, Vol. 6 has ratings and reviews. Algernon said: [7/10]It’s not like I didn’t know what to expect. It’s right there in the title: vio. The Sin City graphic novels are among the most widely acclaimed comics in history, but Frank Miller is also a master of the quick and dirty yarn. Collected.

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Ava arrives late as she often used to and tries to persuade Dwight to take her back, claiming that her life is “a living Hell”; Dwight refuses to listen. Thanks for the thought-provoking and She then attacks him, znd explains that this is her test. He should continue writing extended stories rather than short ones.

Mar 28, Saman Habibi Esfahani rated it it was amazing. The Customer Is Always Right could have been great, but it’s too short to develop any kind of connection with the two characters who met on a rainy night on a high rise balcony.

Trivia About Sin City, Vol. Six bullets fail to kill him, and Manute aims shakily at Dwight as Ava grabs one of Manute’s guns, shooting Manute in his shoulder.

Sin City, Vol. 6: Booze, Broads, and Bullets

The enigmatic “Cowboy” is captured by the allure of Wendy and subsequently shot and tied up by Gail. I believe Miller was more interested, at this point, in drawing girls than he was in crafting stories. The rest of the stories were rather generic. His internal monologue explains that he had a flat tire. Manute, who seemingly doesn’t recognize him from the bar, beats him brutally before throwing him from a car into the street.


The Big Fat Kill. Sep 20, Jedhua added it. It’s not like we see a whole story of a person like in the first novels, or even see how they are intertwined. Booxe he hears sirens of the police drawing near long before anyone braods he and the killer could know what had happened he realizes that he is being framed by someone with a lot of money and influence in Basin City. I was reading Marvel, mostly out of the X-office, almost exclusively.

Dark Horse Comics

There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. On the heels of Family Values one often doesn’t know what to expect, but thankfully this book reinstated the bulk of the more entertaining and satisfying Sin City stories.

Delia explains that she has a train to catch. Yes, women are objects here, because that’s the genre he was depicting in a city that is almost a caricature of a city, Sin City.

The cover alone was different.

Amy insists that they cannot be together and alludes to the solution that he kills her father. Rats is pretty forgettable, and unconnected to any other previous events, as far as I can tell.

Jun 30, carpe librorum: Leaving the rear of the train, the Colonel waits for her. Dwight convinces Marv, over several drinks and whilst watching Nancy dance, to help him storm Damien’s estate. Sin City by Frank Miller.


The hitman enters the bar, and Jim convinces Delia to leave with him. And I mean literal black and white. Comics come in black and white? Unaffected by Ava’s flirting, he warns her not to underestimate him again and tells her to tie up her loose ends with Dwight; he has someone arriving from Phoenix soon to meet her about that.

The mafia member then swore to her that she would die in the most terrible way possible, and when it is least boize.

List of Sin City yarns – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are extremes of characters to match the extreme stories Miller tells – life and death bloze, people who are either about to die or about to kill. The Babe Wore Red is the last short story, and I almost told myself that if this babe is another killer with doe eyes, I will throw the book at the wall. Hopefully the stories will have a connection to the next one. I’m glad that the film adaptation used a similar array of colors rather than just the yellow.