Bob Boyce HHO Generator. likes · 2 talking about this. Not all hydrogen generators are created equal! The Bob Boyce B3 design is built on over Water is life, and so much more. So, why all of the excitment about common H2O ? Water is a glue that bonds all of life on earth together. Without it, we would not. 1 of a 6 part YouTube video series on Bob Boyce’s new cell design. That’s a lot of HHO in the space most guys are only getting LPM.

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Working Water Car Forum Why not join today. People around the world are being encouraged to build this power source from plans made available by Bob. Low Cost Clean Energy News. Still, he’s definitely into a bit more than just recovering costs.

BOB BOYCE new small cell 8 LPM

The special circuits use 3 frequencies output through a toroidal coil. He even handles them. Plate Preparation and Conditioning. It has 9, very tiny ceramic chip pepper goyce, that are soldered onto the bottom of the board.

Bob uses about 2 volts per cell. PWM3f pcb board parts layout.

Build a Wood Tree Stand. Not a myth or a crime. Use a tooth pic to apply the liquid soldering flux or get a flux pen. Listen while you work on your computer! As you mentioned, he suggests using throttle position. This work is referenced to being twice efficient as Faraday’s. We still have “F” version at Hydrogen Garage Store. Also read the Chris Patton interview on Bob B, a few years back on youtube. He is not totally in it for the money? They have to learn to follow instructions exactly.


As far as running a race engine totally with on demand HHO and no gas at all I’m still not sure I believe that one.

I would like to see the setup for that. Science believes in one type of hydrogen gas. Put HHO in far from engine as possible by filter for blending purposes.

Yho will cause them to get a hairline crack in the body of the ceramic. This video is a perfect example of how Bob gets harassed. Healing Water Fountain at your home.

Bob Boyce® B2-B4 Cells

What jho the hell is the purpose of all his talk? Toroid iron core and wire kit Now comes with 2 spools for easier winding and 3 – 1. Some know in all from Down Under, decide for themselves of duplicating Bob’s cell box that they would be able to get resonance. The number of cells needed in the electrolyzer depends on the electrical DC voltage supply that is produced on board the vehicle. This can be accomplished by using a component called a “diode bridge rectifier”, and a boyyce called a capacitor.


When you step on the throttle the engine needs its fuel now and not after a few seconds when the cell reacts and the gas vob to the engine. If you are doing hand soldering work, it is very easy to overheat those tiny devices with a hot soldering iron.

Does this method actually work? He also says he has tested 4 of his cells together on big semi-trucks and boyc producing 21 LPM. That is less than most of the kits on e-bay that suck not even considering any additional accessories and install costs The full system cell, PWM, refill canister, etc.

I imagine multitudes of individuals have tried to duplicate his plans by now. This post was last modified: The link below is to part 1 of a 6 part YouTube video series on Bob Boyce’s new cell design. Its just looks to me like another guy trying to take advantage of people trying to save money. Bob talks the talk – but does not demonstrate the walk when it comes to this circuit. For systems that turn on with the ignition switch, the vacuum switch could also double as a safety feature.