May 15, Your Blade mSR BNF comes from the factory completely assembled and flight tested. It includes 2 electronic installation and setup while providing heading lock-like gyro performance .. Spektrum DX7/DX7se. JR X programming values are shown below for the Spektrum DX6i, DX7s, DX6, DX7, DX8, the Blade mSR S DXe model setup available at Sep 25, A short course – How to Bind and Trim Your mSR Heli. The new E-flite mSR ultra micro helicopter is truly something different and exciting for RC.

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That said, the AS3X gyro system on the mSRX does a very good job blsde automatically correcting for this and you may not even know it has happened.

Blade mSR/mSR X Helicopter – Standard & Beginner Transmitter Settings

Had to figure out the source of the problems from googling around the web. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Quote message in reply? I believe e-flite should send it standard with the heli. You can’t use the heli mode. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Sep 08, The first was a cheap Chinese coax that I couldn’t get to do anything, I then purchased a Blade cx Scout which I still enjoy.

Does it mean settinggs get more travel than normal? It is just using the elevator and the aileron. The flies like a different bird – especially the greatly improved throttle control and more balanced aileron. Just got a dx6i radio and programmed in the settings suggested in your Blade mSR Tips ebook. I then stumbled across your e-book offering and decided for only 8 dollars to give it a try. Did I mention this was my first Heli and Blsde absolutely could not fly it until I read your e-book?


That will make all the control signals seperate and not mixed together. You can use the programmable mixes to set up a throttle hold if you want to, but if you’re going to do that, you might as well do the Heli-setup thing. Again, thanks and best regards – Jeff Houck – United States.

Originally Posted by Beaver Rat. Once you are comfortable flying your Blade mSR or SR, you may want to start altering things a bit in the radio programming to make them mimic a true single rotor collective pitch helicopter while hovering.

It holds pretty well but towards the end of the flight I still have to bump some trim to the heli though not nearly as much as I was just trimming during a flight, kind of similar to how the cx3 is near the end of a battery.

Other than that I’m flying it straight 4 channel. Click Here For More Information.

How-To Setup, Bind and Trim the Blade mSR BNF: Spektrum – The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology

BB code is On. Yeah, you can use the 1 servo setup. You can tweak from there.

  ISO IEC 15420 PDF

Horizon put something up on their website on how to use a DX7 on a CX about a year ago. I now I have all four books you have wrote, great work, and I hope you will be continuing this good work.

CCPM setting on DX7 for Blade mSR – RCU Forums

Last edited by copperclad; Sep 06, at I have noted the pages in the manual that are useful for reading up on the key features of the settings.

The presentation clarified a lot of issues and helped me move forward in the right direction. Yeah, you don’t have to worry about the pitch servo. But it is a fixed pitch. I noticed that it has 2 servo on the helicopter.

English French German Italian Spanish. Originally Posted by RocketSled Yes. The result is an uncontrollable heli since a separated swash has the same effect as a backward and right cyclic command, the more it is separated, the more severe the effect.

Settinngs are going to have a lot of fun with this one! My mSR is now flying like new again. Instant download link sent directly to your email address.