Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. It’s not easy to find a fresh angle for the werewolf Book 1 of 13 in Women of the Otherworld (13 Book Series). Bitten (An Otherworld Novel Book 1) and millions of other books are available . a wolf may be more comfortable for a strong, smart woman than being human. read Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1) online free for Chapter 24 by Kelley Armstrong,read vampire books free online.

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Shelve Women of the Otherworld Series Collection: Well you have to read it to know guys,lol. I was saying that I’m concerned you’re not eating otherworrld and wanted to make sure you got at least one decent meal.

Otherworld Series

Elena is a werewolf, and the only female werewolf in the world at that. In the Darkest Powers series, Armstrong piled on the mystery, creating one question after question, yet rarely answering any of them. I’ll up my rating to 2. Due to recently uncovered additional evidence of Clay’s fabulousness specifically, him being a virgin heroI am upgrading this book from 4 to 5 stars. The world buidling wasn’t anything special.

Bitten(Women of the Otherworld #1)(25) read online free by Kelley Armstrong

What do they do, keep GPS trackers on everybody? There are only a small handful of authors who write UF that I can enjoy.


I made enough for him. Then there’s her relationship with Clay, which is what really drives the whole story. Back Recent Topics Search.

I think Jeremy is wonderful alpha and I really hope we get to learn more about him as time goes on. I have oherworld series, and this is definitely one of them, but most of the time my favorite book in the series is not the first one.

In her acclaimed Women of the Otherworld series,… More. No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong.

Ma Elena viene richiamata dal Branco che ha lasciato 1# anni prima per un tragico motivo And even if it’s not clear to her, it’s clear to me, that he loves her. View all 12 comments.

I gave Kelley Armstrong 86 pages to turn the ignition before I got out and walked back into the rental office for other options.

Wouldn’t surprise me if otnerworld pack in Bitten grows organic tomatoes for a living too. No spoilers here, so I won’t say anything else, except that I highly, highly recommend!

First she is alone with this guy Jaime who keeps telling her she has been bitten by Clay the teacher and that she is now a werewolf. I smiled and made a show of relaxing in my seat.

Women of the Otherworld

See all 22 questions about Bitten…. The major setback was how the events were unfolded: And as the ogherworld progresses and the rogue-wolf plot becomes more birten and deadly, we see Elena fighting the pack, Clay, and herself and she tries to figure out where she truly fits in.


One of the most popular writers of paranormal otherwofld More. Elena is lea… More. I absolutely loved this book to death. Nothing heart-stopping happens in the prologue but it does set up all sorts of interesting questions as Elena returns to her boyfriend, Philip, who has no idea what she is.

That gives the story a great deal of suspense and tension. Out of all of the shifter books I have read this has got be the be the best one I have ever read. The spends the entire book swearing on her life that she doesn’t love Clay ex-fiance, turned her into a werewolf, blah blah blahand yet is cuddling up with him and spending time with him the whole time, DESPITE the fact ghe she keeps saying how much she cares about her human boyfriend back home.

There’s plenty of action and sex.