Bismarckia nobilis. Figure 1. Young Bismarck Palm. Bismarck Palm. 1. Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2. INTRODUCTION. Lending a tropical flair to. Description: Bismarckia nobilis is a stunning, large palm widely cultivated in the tropics for its beautiful silver-blue foliage although a green leaf variety exists. Scientific Name: Bismarckia nobilis Hildebr. & Synonym(s). Medemia nobilis (Hildebr. & ) Gall. Assessment Information [top]. Red List.

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Bissmarckia Place in the world where this species spontaneously appears. The green variety is more cold sensitive than is the silver-gray variety. This palm always seems to battling some bud-related damage problems.

Brahea armata comes from Mexico, Bismarckia from Madagascar. This species would probably not be recommended as a “year round” interior plant. Bismarckiagreen variety, photo by T.

The genus is named for the German chancellor, Otto von Bismarckone of the few cases where botanists have named a species after a politician. Bismarckia are much faster growing and eventually get much taller. They grow in the plains of the central highlands, nearly reaching the western and northern coasts, in savannah of low grass, usually in lateritic soil.

When Madagascar was colonized by the French, they included the species in Medemia, thus getting rid of the name Bismarckia, but most botanists including the present authors regard the genera as distinct, and therefore Bismarckia is the correct name for the Madagascar palm. Difficulty transplanting One of the advantages of palms is that large specimens can be transplanted with ease, a large rootball not being necessary, being able to fully recover within a year or a year and a half.

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Perhaps you might be lucky enough to get both a male and female and some day have viable seeds. Brown ovoid drupe, about 4 cm long each containing a single seed. Common names Local names used for this palm. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Wikipedia articles with style issues from June All articles with style issues. Leu Gardens, Orlado FL. In California along the coast, full sun is preferable.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Tropical New Year!

Bismarck palms are easy to grow in the right environment as they are adaptable to a wide range of soils and prefer to have good drainage as the Bismarck does not like to have root rot. Bismarckia nobilis is similar to another genus, Medemiabut the two are felt presently to nobils two distinct genera. Bismarckia is a monotypic genus of flowering plant in the palm family endemic to western and northern Madagascar where they grow in open bismarckai.

Detailed Scientific Description Solitary palm m tall the m mentioned in Stein, is surely an exaggeration. However, it also grows well along the coast of such a climate- but significantly more slowly and with less intense coloration. Views Read View source View history.

Bismarckia nobilis | Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

Photo by Troy Donovan Troy giving scale. Also, a purchased plant in a container that has nobiliss into the ground may succumb if the roots out of the bottom holes are torn while lifting the plant.

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Growth rate Speed at which the palm species grow in the gardens of southeast Europe in good cultivation conditions.

If given adequate space between trees, a group of two or three specimens is very attractive. To form fertile seeds, female flowers must be pollinated by pollen from a male plant. It is not unusual for exceptional palms that seem to be growing well to just up and die with no apparent reason. Exposure The degree of exposure to the sun that the palm needs to grow well. It can withstand periods of drought and strong winds. Synonyms Medemia nobilis Hildebr. Diameter of the trunk Width or diameter which the trunk of the palm normally reaches when it is adult.

Photo showing silver color on this plant.

In bismsrckia where summer rain is prevalent, it seems to put on rapid growth with this ample water. Downloaded on 21 August This is usually accomplished by insects, but can be done by wind and proximity as well. In the past two decades literally tens of thousands of this species have been planted in many domestic and public habitats worldwide.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This page was last modified Because of their massive crowns, they need plenty of room in a landscape area.