Hi there! If you’re new to the banking industry, one of the struggles you’ll have is picking up the requisite “banking domain knowledge”. If you don’t have banking. Bank Management Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Bank Management in simple Assets, Risk Measurement Techniques, Bank Marketing, Relationship Banking. Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) is an industry term for companies that provide and technical/professional services firms that manage data processing, application testing and software development activities in this domain.

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Banking software perform various functions like transferring and depositing fund, balance inquiry, transaction history, withdrawal and so on. Retrieved from ” https: Technology is allowing the BFSI industry to reach out to new markets and offer novel products and services through efficient delivery channels. Learn more about various types domainn non-depository financial intermediaries and how they work.

Bank Management Tutorial

Characteristics of a Banking Application Before you begin testing, it’s important to note the standard features expected of any banking application.

The vertical thus has a unique set of titorial and challenges and this section discusses them in detail. Why Domain Knowledge Matters? Challenge Mitigation Getting access to production data and replicating it as test domaih, for testing is challenging Ensure that test data meets regulatory compliances requirements and guidelines Maintain the data confidentiality by following techniques like data masking, synthetic test data, testing system integration, etc.

Learn how the financial system works and understand the concept of financial markets. Before mainframe testing, lets learn What is a Mainframe? Service domain activities make up the company’s value chain tuorial support domain provides the infrastructure and support to sustain the value chain.

Success in any test automation depends on identifying the right tool for the project. There may be the tutoriak where yutorial are not documented well and may lead to tutorjal gaps in test plan Many non-functional requirements are not fully documented, and testers do not know whether to test it or not.


After taking this lesson, learner will be able to explain the meaning and importance of stock exchange and state the economic functions of stock exchanges.

Banking may include core bankingretail, private, corporate, investment, cards and the like. This article explains the various types of Insurance Policies available in the market today.

Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references. It touches upon the brief history of Insurance and its development as an Industry. Ensure that test data meets regulatory compliances requirements and guidelines Maintain the data confidentiality by following techniques like data masking, synthetic test data, testing system integration, etc.

Depository intermediaries receive deposits from customers and use the money to run their businesses.

BFSI Domain

Financial Services may include stock-broking, payment gateways, mutual funds etc. Life and annuity insurance covers not only life and annuities, but also health and disability. Risk based testing is prioritizing the feature’s, modules and Ensure Time budget for Integration Testing is accounted if your banking application has many external interfaces.

The scope and the timelines increases as banking application are integrated with other application like internet or Mobile banking.

In this tutorial, we will learn What is Domain in Testing?

Meaning Definition and Features Stock exchange or securities market is a place where trading in securities takes place. This article helps the student to understand the legal principles and provisions of the insurance law. System Integration Testing is defined as a type of software It is done by business analyst; requirements for a particular banking application are gathered and documented Requirement Review: Understand the difference between primary and secondary markets. The global BFSI Industry faced serious turmoil during the early 21st century, when a series of crises like the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, and the Great Recession worldwide, that began in Q and ended in Q, gave a huge setback, resulting in negative growth.


The banking and financial industry is also challenged by the large number of existing legacy systems in its infrastructure.

Bank Management Tutorial

This section provides an overview of vfsi Insurance Industry. Understand the major benefits provided by these markets and see some examples on various types of financial markets. Learn about various types of depository intermediaries.

What is Reinsurance Industry? Setting up a right test environment ensures software testing success. The test should participate in the project right from Requirement Analysis phases and should actively review the Business Requirements.

One must understand that – Majority of banking software are developed tutorjal Mainframe and Unix Testing helps to lessen possible glitches encounter during software development Proper testing and compliance to industry standards, save companies from penalties Good practices help develop good results, reputation and more business for companies Both manual and automated testing have respective merits and usability Join our Live Banking Domain Testing Project.

This will help domai understand the major products offered by the insurance industry and how they are classified. It should process fast and secure transactions It should include massive storage system. Insurance covers both life living and non-life non-living.

Learn what we mean by financial institutions and financial intermediaries. The usual software testing activities like Test Case preparation, test case review and test case execution is done during this phase Security Testing: