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BC107BP Datasheet

What does BC in BC stands for? Answered Mar 2, In Time, it stands for Before Christ. The second letter C was for a datashet terminal device i. Here letter C means highest and A shows lowest gain hfe.

ST Microelectronics

What does “TTYL” stand for? Grammarly’s free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. As long as you refer early years before this “year marking system” started, you can say thos years as BC1, BC2, BC, What does PA stand datashedt Similary there was a time when a tradition started and it was a year 1.


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Those intended for domestic use have three numbers, but those intended for commercial or industrial use have letter followed by two numbers, i. What does ‘Army’ actually stand for?

What does BC in BC stands for? – Quora

Diode – voltage reference Other Characters The characters following the first two letters form the serial number of the device. Learn More at wikibuy. Updated Aug 21, How to read a Transistor Code? So BC is a low power audio frequency transistor that is made of Silicon. Diode – variable capacitance C: What does in BC Stands for?

C is for audio and F is for high frequency RF application.

BCBP Datasheet, PDF – Datasheet Search Engine

What does HSIG stand for? Therefore BC is a silicon transistor for low frequency AF applications.

The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. What does OTOY stand for? Transistor – switching low power T: What does “KMSL” stand for? Transistor – switching, power W: Answered Jan 14, Related Questions What does the bc1107bp stand for in BC?


Diode – low power or signal B: Considering that you already bc107bbp about BC abbreviation, I am skipping that part. First letter denotes type of semiconductor used. What does ADP stand for?

What does KGN stand for? So an AC is dataasheet germanium transistor and a BC is a silicon transistor. Second letter indicates frequency of operation.

Diode – sensitive to magnetism L: Ask New Question Sign In.