Bratu D, Nussbaum R. Bazele clinice si tehnice ale protezarii fixe,. Timisoara: Signata, 6. Maalhagh-Fard A, Wagner WC. Repair of fractured framework: . Bratu D, Nussbaum R. Bazele clinice și tehnice ale protezării fixe. Bucharest: Editura Rândașu I, Stanciu L. Restaurări protetice dentare fixe. Bazele clinice si tehnice ale protezarii fixe. D. Bratu, R. Nussbaum; Editura Signata, Timisoara,; 2 Excerpts. Evaluation of Metal-Ceramics Interface for .

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The paste of class IV Gypsum is prepared, for the socket and also for the model. With a blade or a special device type MODEL-CUT for sectioning, we remove the excesses of Gypsum, we divide the mobile dental dies which are parallel to the milled edges. zi

In this case the piston moves upward incrementally to supply powder for the process. Metal – on the galvanic base; – easy fusionable alloys; – melted and pulverized alloys; – amalgam. A parallel between the classic casting technique and this new technology reveal the least has several advantages: Systems which permits the obtainment of mobile dental dies without swivel: The CO2 laser used provides a concentrated infrared heating beam.

Log In Sign Up. A computer driven translation stage TS is used to construct B-scan images by stopping the frame scanner and moving TS along the optical axis of the reference beam.

Bazele clinice si tehnice ale protezarii fixe

After the denture is fully formed, the piston is raised to elevate the object. Express, 3,http: A nitrogen atmosphere is also maintained in the fabrication chamber which prevents the possibility of explosion in the handling of large quantities of powder. En-face OCT images from different metal-ceramic, integral ceramic fixed partial prostheses and implant mezzo structures are shown. Podoleanu, Mike Huighes, Philippe Laissue, Cezar Clonda – Optical Coherecte Tomography as a non invasive method used in ceramic material defects identification in fixed partial dentures, Dental Target, nr.

Assembling the models in the articulator. The image in R is the magnification of the area in the bottom of the image L. A transversal resolution better than 5 microns is obtained in the OCT channel. It has 2 faces: Depending on the application, it may be necessary to infiltrate the object with another material to improve mechanical characteristics.


The basic plate has a heptagonal shape and is made of plastic masses of white colour. The conformer is made of Plexiglas. Sectioned model without pins: No supports are required with this method since overhangs and undercuts are supported by the solid powder bed.

Digital Dentistry — Digital Impression and CAD/CAM System Applications

Restaurarea dintilor devitali by Dorin Bratu Book 1 edition published in in Romanian and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Science of Dental Materials, ed. The arms are applied on the support and are closed; the basic plate is fixed and the functioning of the system is verified. It has a canal with embattled border and a rib with numbers from 1 to 59which permit the reattachment of the sectioned segments from the working model the mobile dental die The space retainer is made out of semi-rigid and the other components of the clinnice field into the green material, which is adapted to the main device base support of a unique position.

The powder supply system is similar in function to the build cylinder. After the detection of the materials defects the numerical simulation method was used in order to estimate the effect of the masticatory forces on the fractures propagations in the ceramic materials. Most widely held works by Dorin Bratu. The side arms are made of plastic material, allowing the entire fixing of the mobile dental dies and model. A piston moves down one object layer thickness to accommodate the layer of powder.

On the working model, we will make the template of the future prosthetic part. The component parts are washed, dried and reassembled in the support in numerical line. Light back-scattered by the sample passes a second time through the object arm and is guided towards the single mode directional coupler DC2 via DC1 where it interferes with flxe coming from the reference arm.


Materiale dentare Book 2 editions fize in in Romanian and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. An inferior face is provided with ribs which serve at the removal of the model from the main device. Both use similar pigtailed super-luminescent diodes SLD emitting at nm and having spectral bandwidths of 65 nm which determine an OCT longitudinal resolution of around It also comprises a cylinder and piston.

The probing beam is reflected by the dichroic beam-splitter BS1 and then sent via the galvanometer scanners SX and SY to the sample. Thank you for your participation! The powder is spread by a roller over the surface of a build cylinder. Help Center Find new research papers in: Frameworks for fixed partial denture made out of dental alloys through classic techniques currently involve many errors like marginal and internal gaps due to temperature contractions Fig.

Bratu, Dorin Overview. Large parts with thin sections may require as much as two days of cooling time. Simulatoarele ADM si principiile functionale ale proteaarii We apply the Gypsum paste on the basic side of the model and the articulators arm for its assembling in the articulator. Thus, heat from the laser need only elevate the temperature slightly to cause sintering, greatly speeding the process.

the accu-trac system

Poor marginal adaptation of the metal ceramic fixed partial denture that can lead to secondary cavities to the pillar teeth. The working model with mobile and detachable parts can be classified as follows: Removal of the white basic plate and the opening of the side arms. Bazele clinice si tehnice ale bazwle edentatiei totale Book 2 editions published between and in Romanian and protezsrii by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Both output fibers from DC2 are connected to two pin photo-detectors in a balanced photo-detection unit.