G. R. Driver & L. Hodgson, The Bazaar of Heracleides, newly translated from the Syriac and edited with an introduction, notes & appendices. only surviving full-length work, the Bazaar of Heracleides.1 The publication of the Syriac text in , together with a French translation in the same year, is of. It is called indeed the Bazaar of Heracleides, for this is evident that it is the bazaar of spiritual knowledge; but it is not evident who Heracleides [was]. This is .

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They both in fact were attracted and torn heracleidws by one another, by the nature and by the will, and he also was torn apart. Or how is this God of the nature of men and not of the ousia of God? Nestorius tried to find a middle ground between those that emphasized the fact that in Christ, God had been born as a man and insisted on calling the Virgin Mary Theotokos Greek: When the Son of God speaks by them both, because there are two natures in him, he speaks, but he speaks not continually in one manner.

So they are 84 constrained to say the contrary of what they seek to say, so that they accuse God and make excuse for the evil one, and they put forth all [their] might in vain and reason contrary to the incarnation of God.

Not to delight himself in and be zealous for obedience, but 67 with a view to the faith of those who were being taught, he made use of all these things with a view to the obedience of the disciples; for until the time of his victory he was striving to make firm in God the image which had been given unto him. And you, in saying that, are following them, and you speak as those who stumble at the Cross of Christ.

Candidianus protests, reads his Imperial instructions, utters his contestatioand on being overruled withdraws. And when thou oughtest to have made answer concerning these things and to write and to persuade and to reprimand the calumniators openly, thou hast risen up against thyself and me and hast neglected the fathers and the Holy Scriptures. His few points are repeated again and again with monotonous consistency.

Nestorius – Wikipedia

Thou allowest these things [to pass] as superfluous and thou makest a beginning after them, as they do; and thou transferrest from the one unto the other all those things of which Christ is naturally [formed] and said. What then hast thou to prove concerning this? For this reason also it was needful for the whole man, for the purpose of the Incarnation of God the Word, being completed in body and in soul, to comport himself in the nature of men and to observe the obedience and the moral life of human nature.

And withal again, when the reverend bishop, Cyril, learned that letters and books of his homilies had been sent by him to Rome, he also wrote to the pious bishop of the church of Rome, Celestinus, by the hand of the deacon Poseidonius, whom he commanded, [saying], “if thou findest that the books and the homilies and the letters have been delivered, give also these things which have been written by me; but if not, bring them back hither without now delivering them.

Wherefore he accepted for himself to become incarnate. John of Antioch dies, and is succeeded by his nephew Domnus. They have nought to say. The union in fact in one nature of natures which have been united is the work of a second creation.


Nestorius, The Bazaar of Heracleides () pp Book 1, Part 1.

He has not surely made a pretence of our salvation in schema, either by a change of likeness or by a change of ousia in such a way as not to endure sufferings in his own nature; for this would be [the action] of him who wished not to become incarnate because by nature he became man. If thou then speakest of the hypostatic union, speak clearly; for I confess to not understanding either then or now; thou needest to instruct me in such wise that I may agree with thee.

Why dost thou treat these things of the body as hallucinations and makest void the things of the bodily frame and assignest them to God, in such wise as to bring the two generations 58 into doubt, in that thou makest even the generation of the bodily frame without beginning, from God the Father?

And he created the body in a new manner [other] than from a man and a woman, and, since it was an act of creation, he tells of that which is to be created and of him who creates: Much has been written concerning the manner of the union, but not even one of them [that have written about it] in this research makes it clear and establishes it in all truth; for they have delighted to make many distinctions, and there are others who have ventured to fuse [the natures] without examination.

But this blessed [Nestorius] has undaunted delivered to us the knowledge thereof which is right. For what reason then hast thou said that he became the nature of man while remaining God?

And again they are released or bound by the construction in the union of the nature.

He immediately writes in protest to Leo, and Chrysaphius procures a letter from Theodosius to Leo on his behalf. The Second Council of Constantinople of AD confirmed the validity of the condemnation of Nestorius, refuting the letter of Ibas of Edessa that affirms that Nestorius was condemned without due inquiry. He it is who came down, he it is whom the Father has sanctified and sent into the world.

And one passion was in them all, Jews and gazaar and all the sects, and they were busying themselves that they should accept herwcleides examination the things which were done without examination against me; and at the same time all of them, even those that had participated with me at table and in prayer and in thought, were agreed But in that they shun hetacleides divinity, though it exists in truth and in nature, they are to be repudiated, since they suppress the Incarnation of God the Word.

The Bazaar Of Heracleides

Cassian De incarnatione Domini contra Nestorianos, written at the invitation of Caelestine. They heracleies in fact as follows: And of what nature was the Virgin, his mother? The aim, therefore, which has been proposed by the writer for this writing is this: And Satan sought much after this because he saw that none was occupied with him. This is the meaning of ‘in virtue of a command’. For he who says ‘God in truth’ attributes to him the [quality] of being able [to do] everything; for everything that he wishes he does.

Although in the things which thou hast said well, heraclekdes thou seemest to repent. Because it was thought that he was more than all an observer of the commandments, on account of heracleices manner of life among all men, and because if in many things he was left alone, [it might have been] easy [to fight] against him, where there was nothing whereby he could be helped, he went forth alone into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, while poor in all the bazara of the world, even in that which is considered a burden and a distress.


The minutes of Session I are read. Therefore he said he humiliated himself in reference to a voluntary union, the incarnation and the kind of humiliation which he showed when he took the likeness of a servant, and again that which took place resulted in a voluntary and not a natural [union]; in schema he was found as a man, not in ousia ; for bazaae the likeness of God [was] the likeness of the servant.

Peter, priest of Alexandria and chief of the secretaries says: He now hastened it, and the summons had been issued to patriarchs and metropolitans on 19 November, before the pope’s sentence, delivered though Cyril of Alexandria, had been served on Nestorius. In this firm confidence in the might of og prayers mine Insignificance draws nigh to translate this book from Greek into Syriac; yet at least, the hope of the help of the living God being laid upon my tongue and confirmed in my thoughts, I therefore draw nigh to compose these eight chapters wherein the purpose of the book is made clear.

Speak before all those who read our words. Why then do you not say the same things as we, when it is a question of the doctrine of the Incarnation; but why docs he lead us astray with the birth of a material flesh, 3 with which God the Word was formed, and why have unconvincing and incredible fables been fabricated?

Do you believe that which you have writtenfor you have written these thingsor do you not believe them? The teaching of all churches that accept the Council of Ephesus is that in the Incarnate Christ is a single hypostasis, God oof man at once. And because Satan showed all this supreme wickedness, though he had not any cause of wickedness, even amid all this wickedness the grace of God appeared, and he showed his ineffable grace in doing his good works universally unto all men.

Nestorius is heracleies by the Pelagian exiles, Julian and Caelestius. Satan then first meditated of himself the things which he planned for the destruction of man and he persuaded himself and he condemned man to vengeance without leaving him any cause for pardon.

If further he also is deposed for confessing neither the intelligence nor the will, for such reason as one who confesses not the Word in the flesh and in the soul and in the intelligence in the natural and complete union, you will not receive him, since he says all heracleixes [same] things as Arius. But others confess that in body and in soul he was made flesh for the completion of the nature and that God the Word was instead of an intelligence, so as to be instead of an intelligence in the nature in the body and in the soul, and to comport himself in the nature of hreacleides and to suffer on our behalf.

But the Jews do not confess heraclejdes he is Christ because of the Cross and the death, in that they look for the advent of 15 Christ in all great glory and dominion.