This is correct (when rounded) to 2 decimal places. Pythagorus. (c – BC). Theorem. (c. 8th century BCE) composed. Baudhayana Sulba Sutra., the best-. BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM It was ancient Indians been provided by both Baudhāyana and Āpastamba in the Sulba Sutras!. It was known in the Sulbasutra (for example, Sutra 52 of Baudhayana’s Sulbasutram) that the diagonal of a square is the side of another square with two times.

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Ashish September 25, Please if possible come to our Bangalore center and visit and learn about more on this. Therefore our ancestors did not use their heads for knowing about this bogus world bauhdayana used it to know the secrets of this creation and the path to get salvation. Click here to sign up. This is very similar to early Jaina order when women were permitted in early initiation, but in this order only the music was taught to the women as the term suggests.

Porphyry of Tyre, another philosopher write Pythagoras biographical sketch. The universal reality is mathematical baudhayanq nature.

Baudhayana sutras

They were allowed their own possessions and were not required to be the vegetarians. Innovations made in Eastern countries were not well documented and even if they were they were not very well sulva. A source book, Bombay: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Even in the higher degrees of the institute, some occasionally baudnayana by breaking their pledge of secrecy or some other rule which bound them.

Even for this blame the west and preach nobody can hurt us or take anything from us unless we allow others to do so, wutra but the double standards! They were allowed no personal possessions and were vegetarians like Jains. He associated with the Egyptian priests, Brahmin Vedantists, Ajivikas ascetics, Jainas and Buddhists monks to absorb the knowledge as much as he can. In fact, the only relation that the historians have been able to trace it to is with Euclid, who again came many centuries after Pythagoras!


Disciples were warned not sulbz be surprised by anything that might happen and trained to meet the greatest shocks with an equal mind.

Altar construction also led to an estimation of the square root of 2 as found in three of the sutras. According to Greek texts they were instructed in the secret processes of psychic knowledge, how to heal with sound and breathing exercises and fasting, and lived a strict discipline in accordance with the vaudhayana of the Great Mystery Schools of the Greeks. So yes indian civilization preexisted sumerian civilization. Email required Address never made public.

The Indus valley Excavation shows similar understanding of the layout of the settlements and city construction.

For instance, “he who desires heaven is to construct a fire-altar in the form baudhaywna a falcon”; “a fire-altar in the form of a tortoise is to be constructed by one desiring to win the world of Brahman” and “those who wish to destroy existing and future enemies should construct a fire-altar in the form of a rhombus”.

During his absence, his society at croton was attacked by baudhajana noble of Croton. We do not know how strictly their members observed the vows to chastity.

Lokesh Kumar October 23, Fore telling of the future is the best example to say that this creation is fixed. He got the news that his old teacher Pherekydes was dying in BC.

BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM (World Guru of Mathematics, Part – 9) | Mysteries Explored

You can also derive a reverse conclusion that how the great ancient universities of learning at Nalanda, Taxila and Vallabhipur was organized probably on the same model as institution of Pythagoras.


Pages with citations lacking titles All articles with unsourced statements Articles xulba unsourced statements from April Indian Science of Mathematics-The famous Quotes: We have been grown up without knowing our prosperity, which is a must. They were the next higher school of learning.

My point is we need a Solid Authentic Body for Vedas and all knowledge. This was the highest level of initiation and those seeking the knowledge of mysteries, divinity and transmigration of souls as well as philosophies and other bauehayana religions.

At noon the Order ate together in small groups dining on bread and honey. Blog Statshits.

Shulba Sutras

This is not the way he thought he would plan his trips but he saw the opportunity. Exploring Indian history takes you to many confusions and controversies. The students were taught: This is not about east or west inventions but….

Martial arts like varma kalai born at India were the origin of other martial arts in the world. Yes, but still there should have been sources remaining which is why we know that these are there.

Leaving Babylon, he made his way through Persia to India, where he continued his education under the Ajivikas, Jaina and Brahmin priests of Taxila School. He went as far as Metapontum see Map above and there he caught his last breadth by most account of Greek historians. Shah Natural Affinity with Mathematics: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: