SOPHISMS. Frédéric. Bastiat. Translated from the French and Edited by. ARTHUR GODDARD. Introduction by. HENRY HAZLITT. Foundation for Economic. Economic Sophisms [Frédéric Bastiat, Arthur Goddard, Henry Hazlitt] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The essays in Economic Sophisms. Bastiat’s “Economic Sophisms”, translated by Dr. Patrick James Stirling, were eagerly welcomed by students of political economy who were not really familiar.

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Before you discuss an economic issue again, check out Bastiat and become better informed. In the same way, when a worker succeeds in improving his skill, he reaps the immediate benefit of the improvement.

As for comparative advantage of course it will be beneficial in a case with only 2 countries but what about a case with ? Let its go back to the thirteenth century.

We say, with Ecomomic.

Here, at least, is a man who makes his views clear. Sophists are not only political participants who employ these measures, but anyone who seeks the implementation of protectionist measures in any territory based on sophistry and false or ill-conceived logic.

Is international trade conducted on a different basis? They say, for example: In society, he does not personally attack each of these obstacles, but others do so for him; and he in turn removes one of the obstacles confronting his fellow men. A is a favored country; B is a country ill-treated by Nature. I contend, and I quite sincerely believe, that if two countries have unequal conditions of production, the one of the two that is the less favored by Nature has the more to gain from free trade.


It puts them to a bad use when it squanders its revenues without giving the public anything in return. Economics is not like nutrition, where a glass of wine can heal while two gallons can kill.

Economic Sophisms

Meanwhile, the customhouse on its part was enteringfrancs into its export ledger; and as it will never have anything to enter into the opposite import ledger on this account, it follows that M.

I do wish someone would tell me what would be the use of large standing armies and powerful navies if trade were free You are theorists, metaphysicians, ideologists, 4 utopians, and doctrinaires; and all the prejudices of the public are roused against us.

Bugeaud, the legislator, is diametrically opposed to that of M.

But, I assert that these good and bad consequences, although permanent in themselves, do not permanently remain with the producer. The former wants the goods on the market to be scarce, in short supply, and expensive. Is it econokic an incontestable axiom of political economy that taxes ultimately fall upon the consumer?

Economic Sophisms by Frédéric Bastiat

I frankly confess my preference for the second system. I loved Bastiat’s witty writing style and timeless pro-liberty and free trade arguments. In all seriousness, this book is not quite as good as “The Law,” but that doesn’t say much since “The Law” is such a masterpiece.

Put another way, producers prefer scarcity, because it drives up prices. If, by a happy miracle, the fertility of all arable land happened to increase, the consumer and not the farmer would reap the advantage of this phenomenon, for it would result in abundance and therefore in low food prices.


Sophusms someone tell me what reason there would be, on this hypothesis, to deplore the end of industrial production?

Frédéric Bastiat’s Economic Sophisms Is Now More Important Than Ever | Mises Institute

In these smaller essays Bastiat shows a relentless and consistent worldview of defending the interests of the consumer and the larger population at large from the protectionist arguments of industrialists and their crony capitalist politician allies.

In the first place, that is impossible; and even if it were possible, where would be the relief? Every product results from the collaboration of Nature and man.

Each person comes to regard his labor no longer as a means, but as an end. Printers, who henceforth had no exceptional merit, no longer received an exceptional remuneration. But let us delve further into this sophism, which is so much in vogue among our legislators, although it is sophismss extraordinary that the very people who defend unproductive taxes for that is what they are assumed to be on our present hypothesis are the ones who attribute to them our alleged industrial inferiority in order to justify other taxes and restrictions as compensatory devices.

Now, it is quite evident that the principle of M. You reject abstract theories and have little regard for abundance and low prices. Do you rest see that 48, hectares of land, with capital and labor in proportion, would be enough to supply all France with sugar?