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Right arm “kansetsu uchi” for a lapel grab, combined with a break to the outside with left hand “kuri uke”, choke with right arm from rear male; addresses 3, 8 of top 8. The Tomari style which incorporated Oyadomari no Passai was passed down the Oyadomari family for three generations, originally taught by a Chinese living in Tomari possibly named Ananwho “used very light techniques”. Shihan Jason’s shito-ryu version of the kata was filmed when he was a 5th Dan at a time shortly after he returned from living in Japan in Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

That review process most importantly not only states what is the top likely street events that lead to a medically relevant injury, but also which techniques do not and this, surprisingly to many, includes a broad range of commonly used kansetsu waza often displayed by karate-ka in bunkai.

Given moves in kata have more than one bunkai stated by a number of masters of karate in the early s; reviewed in ” Seienchin ” ISBNpagesa variety of Network instructors have been fine tuning kata bunkai selection by pulling from the traditional pool of karate techniques and overlapping that with at least the following:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mark Bonner “Applications from the Passai Boxing system”: In summary, the below bunkai list represents:. John Burke “set-up Bunkai Strategies week 22 koryu karate oyo jutsu”: Right arm “kansetsu uchi” for a lapel grab, combined with a break to the outside with left hand “kuri uke”, choke with right arm from rear male; addresses 3, 8 of top 8 5. John Burke “awase zuki Nijushiho Bunkai Strategies week 4 henka koryu oyo jutsu”: If you are serious about your Karate, and about Bunkai, then can you afford to be without this kind of research?


Depending on bunkaii need of the practitioner, or emphasis of a given dojoone may select a bunkai set for Bassai dai, or any kata, that matches the below rather than simply following classical martial arts or street hearsay: Be the first to review this item ASIN: Archived from the original PDF on 29 November The creator of the form was left-handed.

Retrieved 4 March A high resoultion, non-sample image can be downloaded here A representation of the bubkai zone of the pool of classical karate bunkai techniques with what street data and probabilities indicate actually occur. Itosu is thought to have created this from a version of Bassai practiced in Shuri city.

bassai dai kata bunkai

Further evidence that Passai has bssai in Tomari city is that Passai dai starts with the right fist covered by the left hand, like other kata thought to have originated dak, such as JitteJionJiin and Empi.

John Burke “koshi gamae Bunkai Strategies week 37 koryu karate oyo jutsu”: See how the kata, often demonstrated as defences against a bo staff, is actually for close in grappling, joint locks, and escapes from realistic types of attack rather than the usual “oi-zuki” types of attack or trying to st op someone with a six-foot stick.

As a final reminder, the above Bassai Dai bunkai list does not cater to a sub-category of violence, it serves as an example of an across category approach.


How about if bazsai do Kyokushinkai?

Bunkai for the Karate kata, Bassai Dai

Provided as revision for the Bassai Dai seminars run in early The modern kanji representing Bassai Daitranslate as “to storm a fortress”. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Catch kick and throw away unisex; addresses 6 of top 8 John Burke “yama zuki Bunkai Strategies week 36 koryu karate oyo jutsu”: This article possibly contains original research.

Kata and adi lesson plan for knife-hand”: The Okinawan versions include powerful blocking and angular defense against attacks from multiple directions.

Female violence derived related to a stranger attack. University of Hawaii Karate Museum via archive. For example, pictured left is Mabuni performing the kick at the mid kata point.

Regardless of style, you should be able to see the similarities in the kata. A s book on the kata bunmai Mabuni Kenwa also follows this kick with an immediate cat stance rather than the move seen at 58 secs in the adjacent WKF Shitei tournament version being performed by WKF kata champion Antonio Diaz.

Bassai-Dai (Shotokan) – Karate Do

Japanese martial arts Okinawan martial arts Chinese martial arts. Although like most karate kataBassai ‘s bjnkai may be traceable back to China, the most related source to today’s kata versions appears to be derived from Matsumura Sokon who lived in Okinawa from either the late s, or early s, until the late s actual source dates vary due to the era and its records.

This can be literally translated to mean “extract from a fortress” or “remove an obstruction”.