Up to now most of the ballastless track systems, which have been built on Ballastless track systems using discrete rail seats as well as systems with sleeper . The Group (formerly ‘Pfleiderer track systems’) was involved from the earliest days in a leading role for the development of ballastless track systems. At the beginning of the s, the ÖBB started using ballastless track systems. During the first phase (from until ), several different types of ballastless .

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ONE has increasingly succeeded most recently in having these systems approved and in implementing them in foreign countries as well. On the other hand, systems implemented with concrete supporting layers offer the selection among an optimal diversity of models with homogeneous system structures. Related topics Track Systems. Views Read Edit View history. Distribution of ballast-less systems worldwide.

The ballastless track system is far more superior system than what is being used in India, with a very competitive price. While numbers vary depending on construction type and track infrastructure ballastless tracks are generally more suitable to infrastructures that are also made of concrete, as is the case in tunnels or on viaductsthe Deutsche Bahn estimated in that construction costs of ballastless tracks are 40 percent higher than those of traditional superstructure.

The line is km long and runs through topographically very bballastless terrain.

Ballastless or Slab track construction

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As a result, there was practically no reference basis for later ballastless track systems in India.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email What colour is grass? Bi-block applications guarantee a safe and reliable bond between the sleeper and the infill concrete as well as easier handling.

Especially for pilot projects, it is therefore advisable to elaborate for the investigating engineers, the special criteria of a ballastless track system — i. The international increase in transportation volume throughout the world over recent years has led to a revival in railway traffic.

During the first phase from untilseveral different types of ballastless track systems were tested. Learn how your comment data is processed.


We offer an extensive line of concrete sleepers and railway track systems for passenger traffic as well as freight- and heavy-haul transport. For new official approvals, it is advisable, before preparation of the documented evidence of conformity, to coordinate with the responsible examining authorities as trackk which criteria must be checked and in which manner.

The ÖBB/Porr ballastless track system – Global Railway Review

Here as well, it was possible to achieve permission for a deviation from the Indian Bridge Code: Ballastless tracks can be built on either asphalt or concrete supporting layers. Especially the differences in the number of switches and crossings are an indicator for the improvement needs of the existing network. The mats are emplaced loose, thereby guaranteeing fast as well as smooth installation. As mentioned above, the system is well suited for combination with noise ballastlees vibration attenuating systems floating track slab systems.

This tool allows the collection of large amounts of data, its analysis and the prediction of situations based on statistical patterns. Starting from the basis of traditional trough-track designs with mono-block sleepers, RHEDA track models were further developed to track systems with bi-block sleepers.

In addition, these modifications enabled further improvement in the bond of the sleeper in the structural concrete. The main activity, however, is related to the Indian Railways. The company Patil Pfleiderer track systems Pvt. Accept Reject Read More. The stated consortium is responsible for planning — especially for approval procedures and preparation of construction drawings and for construction of the ballastless track for approximately 10km in five tunnels, including delivery of the bi-block concrete ballasttless required.

Get best deals for coconut. These benefits enable reduction, or even elimination, of costs and work for civil-engineering structures. The fundamental contents of Indian bridge standards were incorporated into these specifications and were supplemented ballastlesa coordinated processes for documented evidence that would otherwise be difficult to provide.

Sinceit has official German approval for high-speed applications. Achievement of approval for a current project requires only evidence to show conformity with the additional or differently formulated requirements posed by the present project.


This dual organisation complicated the approval process significantly, since these two departments operate in accordance with different specifications and dimensioning criteria. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Due to various BLT systems are available. We offer an extensive portfolio of varied engineering solutions, in ballastlexs to enhance ttrack attraction and the cost effectiveness of rail transport. Related topics Track Systems. The system is situated in tunnels and on bridges with short sections on earthwork. There were, for example, numerous leaks at which great quantities of water entered though the tunnel floor into the tunnel syste. At the moment, and in the near future, the Turkish railway network will be enlarged and improved.

In that period, approximately 22, meters of ballastless track were built.

Individual elements of the matting can be laid at the construction site by hand and without use of machines. Imprint Data protection Disclaimer.

Consistent and positive ballastless track systems – Global Railway Review

Patil Group of Industries is also involved in the drawing and stranding of High Tensile Steel Wire which is a major and most crucial input in the manufacture of Pre-Stressed Concrete Sleepers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A lot of additional railway lines would be needed to reach a similar density of railway network and furthermore a lot of improvements of the existing network would be necessary to enlarge the transportation volume of the net.

When used in stations, ballastless tracks are easier to clean. The elastic coating consists of a PUR-bound granular rubber. RHEDA RX satisfies these constraints by requiring reduced quantities and weights of materials, construction support, and machines necessary on the construction site — and by its carefully designed installation methods. For its use on the high-speed link between Beijing and Shanghai, slabs were installed.