Baku: An Eventful History [James Dodds Henry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Baku: an eventful history. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Co., ltd., – Armenian question – pages. Baku: An Eventful History. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Company, Limited, – Petroleum industry and trade – pages.

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The temples of the Guebrs have been regularly visited by fire worshippers from India, Persia, and, it is alleged, from time to time by pilgrims from Lithuania, The temples existed until quite recently.

For a decade, Baku had in its modem industry and ancient customs eentful unnatural combination of forces which were bound sooner or later to convulse humanity. In addition, the arba drivers frequently struck for higher pay, and gradually forced prices for delivery up to from five to eight copecks per pood.

Melikov then gave himself up with renewed energy to the extraction of scale from ozokerit. They think there is little or no activity there.

Arthur Arnold gives an interesting account historh his ” Through Persia by Caravan,” of what the system was then. Labour has been meddled with, unsettled, and made offensively dictatorial, and a splendid industry has been placed in jeopardy. This failed to deter Mr. In the curve of the Bailov horn of the crescent, a natural harbour evenrful refuge within the larger bay, the vessels of the Caspian Sea fleet ride at anchor, and seldom put out to sea.

It is just about thirty years since the steam-drilled well put an end to the era of primitive hand-dugs at Baku.

The demand for petroleum distillate increased with incredible rapidity. Unfortunately, the oil being of high specific gravity and of considerably thicker consistency than Balakhani crude, it did not meet the requirements of the refiners.

Such a sudden fall in the value of crude upset the estimates of baky producers. He was followed a few years afterwards by Hanway, Hmelin and Lerche. By hostory means the product was not improved. The contract system lasted tillwhen it was abolished.


The acid they obtained from Moscow, but of soda they had no definite conception and were led to try and replace it, some with sea water and some with ordinary salt water.

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Of am twenty could hardly handle one hundred poods a day. These works were built according to plans furnished by Liebich, a German chemist, who sent his assistant to super- vise the erection and starting of the works.

Sir Boverton Redwood, in his standard work on the technology of petroleum, has described this phenomenon in Texas, while the travellers who have referred to eventfil fires on the sea at Baku are Mr. At Baku the worst consequences of a revolutionary move- ment have been experienced.

There are several other spots in the Caspian where naphtha gas bubbles up in the same way. To make collusion between the bidders difficult, if not impossible, sealed tenders were invited by the Crown bau December 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, In Lieut-General Lazarev was granted twenty-seven acres plot No. Of thispoods were sold at half-a-copeck per pood about 8d. Inwhen the Baku Khanate passed under Russian con- trol, Peter gave special attention to Baku, as he believed it to be a suitable point for centralising the trade with the East.

From the oil field central the oil was forced with the aid of a twenty -seven-horse-power steam pump through the S-in.

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Further away, there stretched a bare, sandy plain, here and there relieved by low scrub-like growths of tiny vines. Twelve years later A. Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul Evenftul Baku proper there was only one, while 32 were scattered between the town and Black Town.

On their return to Palestine with the Prophet Nehemiah the descendants of the Jews started a search for the sacred fire hidden by their ancestors, but found instead a ” thick water,” which, poured upon the heated altar stone, imme- diately burst into flames. The kerosene excise was most unevenly distributed amongst the diiTerent refiners.

Only the wind and waves are capable of extinguishing the fire, which is a 28 BAKU. Starting work at the beginning ofthe company was able out of the profits made in the first five years to increase the original capital 62 BAKU. Petersburg and Petroleum Taxation— The Outlook in In there were in the whole of the province of Shemakha some 1 36 petroleum pits, with an aggregate output of 5, tons, but by the number had increased to and the production to 22, tons.


Beyond this the eventfu could be seen flowing away in a broad channel towards the sea. Now and again the sand flowing up with the oil would obstruct the pipe, or a stone would clog the course; then the column would sink for a few seconds The poor girl had no excuse for postponing her lover’s bliss. The Mirzoiev enterprise as well as hkstory Kokorev and Gubonin wn, subsequently transformed into the Baku Oil Company, met with only slight success, and the striking of oil on other lands completely destroyed the plans of the pro- moters.

No sooner, however, had they learned, or thought they had learned, how to produce photogen than they found reasons why they should get rid of the inventor. As the representative nf the Ministry of Finance he has visit ‘d most of the oil fields of ihe world, and some three years ago hr reported on the state of the l’,ritisli ml market. Numerous improvements were introduced during the first eight years, between the time of the abolition of the contract system and the end of Histoey striking of oil on free lands, and the bringing in of the first spouter in the middle ofbrought about an unprecedented drop in the price of crude.

Duringthree more wells were started, but as oil was not struck they were abandoned in The revenue declining, the Viceroy sanctioned in a reduction to forty copecks of the price for exported oil, retaining the forty-five copecks price for home consumed oil, the object being to weaken by this compromise the Tcheleken competition.