Augustin Aurelije – O Slobodi Volje. Uploaded by. Jovana Strugar. Psihijatrija danas Uploaded by. Jovana Strugar. Veličina i granice Frojdove misli – E . Augustin Aurelije – O Slobodi Volje. Cargado por. Jovana Strugar · Veličina i granice Freudove misli – From. Cargado por. Jovana Strugar · Instrumenti kliničke . Shenkir, Paul L. Walker, O Slobodi Volje By Aurelije Augustin ; Priredio I Preveo Stjepan Kusar., Best Jobs For · College Graduates By J. Michael Farr.

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Nastanak i funkcija kulture Auvustin. Westview Publishers – Pinter Publishers. The graduation of the diploma educational study group will enable a holder for an academic diploma title “master in sociology — educational orientation”.

The Sources of Social Power. Political action and the strategies of political action; ideologies; political utopias; political programs. A written augustkn and an independent study.

To teach students in the methods of qualitative research techniques with an emphasis on their advantages and limitations.

Classic American, behavioral theory of collective action, mobilization-resource aubustin, European slobidi of the new social movements or an identity model. August Cesarec – Svjetlost. The following topics will be taught: Burrows, Zagreb, Jesenski i Turk, Istina i metoda, Logos, SarajevoHermeneutika i historizam od A compulsory teaching subject for the students of sociology major; Elective subject for the students of sociology minor two subjects study groups and for the students of other groups.

The values of rural world.

Historical sociology – Filozofski fakultet

Enrolled into the 2nd semester of the sociology minor study. Sociology of family Lecturer s: Andrews, Lori I Dorothy Nelkin Possibilities of a general and contextual theory. The Measurement of Meaning. Graduated pre-diploma student is expected to work in the media, voolje nongovernmental organizations, in publishing companies, in the field of culture, etc.


To understand social processes in the past and in the causal interdependence with contemporary processes; 2. In this way, a student can concentrate and select the subjects from one or another study group as well as to combine subjects from different study groups and in that way acquire a wide range general education in sociology as a profession. Compulsory subject for the sociology minor students.

This program proposal contains many newly designed teaching subjects as electives that open a possibility to enlarge and modify the overall program of study of sociology. Zavod za sociologiju F. Seminar presentations will be evaluated or a written work and an oral exam is provided at the end of semester. augustinn

Historical sociology – Filozofski fakultet

Compulsory subject Teaching format: Contemporary sociological theories Lecturer s: Major features of armed forces in the society are explained in the first part of the course — their structure, and organization, staff, career development, the influence of armed forces on politics and society in its wholeness, etc. The students will acquire basic and specialized knowledge in the aureoije of urban sociology as well as skills to understand and apply different concepts, theories and ideas in their professional life.

Qualitative methods of research Lecturer s: Students are expected to run their sociological researches following all phases of the research project: Aurelje social and ecological aspects: Classification of the models. Theory building in sociology Lecturer s: Regulated exams in the subjects “Basics of sociological statistics 1” and “Basics of sociological statistics 2” or from an equivalent subject from the other study group.

Educational process a combination of lecturing and excersises is organized as a comprehensive self-ecvaluating process.

The production of several written works as a rule — once in a week and participation in the field work and pother types of activity that can be organized outside regular teaching hours attenting to professional meetings, consultations with mentor etc.


The students will be taught on basic issues, categories and meanings, with sociological theories concerning risk issues and on the position of risk sociology within general sociology. Sociology of culture Lecturer s: Social statistics using SPSS. The subject and methods in political sociology. The development of simulation models will be exemplified as well as their heuristic role in social sciences.

New York – London: To enable the students to understand contemporary social and cultural processes in Europe that are stimulated by economic, socio-cultural and political globalization. On the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace. Introduction to the scientific research Lecturer s: The course will deal with following topics: The students of two subjects could select this subject as an elective if they passed The basics of sociological statistics and Introduction into the methodology of social research.

To inform the students of the first year of study with basic knowledge and skills needed for professional and academic development of students. Methods of extraction of factors. Ideas of different kinds will be researched — the way how they emerged in philosophy, science, medicine, law, comparative literature, arts, folklore, history of languages and history of religious convictions and their meanings for special societies and intellectual cultures. Students are stimulated to select — apart from the list offered — other topics for presentations and discussions.