Translated from the French by Anthony Eardley. From Le Corbusier’s The Athens Charter. (Grossman. New York, NY: ). • • • ONE. The Athens Charter, supposedly produced by the Fourth Congress of the. Congres Internationaux a1′ Architecture Moderne (CIAM IV) in , is regarded. CIAM (Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne) was the most well‐known organization of what is often referred to as the ‘Modern Movement’ in.

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By taking account of this necessity, urbanism will transform the face of the city, break with the crushing constraint of practices that are no longer justified, and open an inexhaustible field of action to the creative.

They should be separated by intervals of from to yards.

Athens Charter

The daily hours of free time should be spent close to the dwelling. The geographic and topographic situation is of prime importance, and includes natural elements, viam and water, flora, soil, climate, etc.

The unforeseen expansion of machinism has disrupted those harmonious conditions; in less than a century it has transformed the character of xthens, shattered the age-old traditions of the craftsman classes and given birth to a new, anonymous labor force, which drifts from place to place.

They assume a grave responsibility. It orders the structure of the dwelling, that vital cell of the urban tissue whose health, gaiety, and harmony are subject to its decisions. The cost of such a structure erected centuries ago has long since been amortized; yet its owner is still tacitly allowed to consider it a marketable commodity, in the guise of housing.

Residential areas should occupy the best places in the city from the point of view of typography, climate, sunlight and availability of green space. Left to his own devices, he would construct nothing more than his hut and, in that state of insecurity, would lead a life of jeopardy and fatigue aggravated by all the anguish of solitude. Depending on the angle at which the sun strikes the meridional curve, the seasons collide abruptly or succeed one another with imperceptible transitions; and although, in its continuous roundness, the Earth admits of no interruption from one parcel of land to the next, countless combinations emerge, each with its particular characteristics.


In the case where one is confronted with structures repeated in numerous examples, athenns will be preserved as documents and the others will be demolished; in other cases, only the portion that constitutes a memorial or a real asset can be separated from the rest, which will be serviceably modified.

A verdant zone will separate this band from the industrial buildings.

The political city unit rarely coincides with its geographical unit, that is to say, with its region. For a hundred years, every enterprise was ccharter to chance. The abode of an unsettled population enmeshed in numerous afflictions, the suburb is a culture medium of revolt, and is often ten times, even a hundred times, larger than the city.

Athrns advantages should be taken of existing natural features: Culture, Planning and Urban Life since Routledge, Category Index of urban chaeter articles List of planned cities List of planning journals Commons. This requirement regarding the pattern of traffic movement may be considered just as strict as that which, in the area of habitation, condemns the northern orientation of any dwelling.

Van Eesteren chafter been chief architect of Amsterdam’s Urban Development Section since and the group asked him to prepare a number of analytical studies of cities ready for the next main CIAM meeting planned to be in Moscow in Individual liberty and collective action are the two poles between which the game of life is played. Over the course of the centuries, successive urban rings accumulated, replacing vegetation with stone and destroying the verdant areas — the lungs of the city.

Athens Charter – Wikipedia

Life flourishes only to the extent of accord between the two contradictory principles that govern the human personality: A regional plan will replace the simple municipal plan.

In particular, the Charter makes clear that the “evil” of the city, discussed below, is a result of cia, sunlight and fresh air, and in particular a lack of greenery in the urban slums.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is necessary that precisely defined urban regulations forbid, once and for all, the practice of depriving entire households of light, air, and space.

There, criminality and prostitution was nearly unknown, but the wide open spaces, easy access to the buildings and their communications connections, and even the tight levels of control governing who got an apartment in the Plattenbauten made it easier than ever for the East German secret police, the Stasi, to observe citizens closely. An inadequacy of habitable space per person.


Not one authority, charteer of the nature and the importance of the machinist movement, has yet taken any step to avoid the cia, for which no ciiam can actually be held accountable.

Each dwelling is linked to a central service core but is separated from its neighbour by a balcony – a design feature that virtually eliminated noise transfer between dwellings. The law must also make provisions for the protection and care of those areas that will one day be occupied.

The city will take on the character of an enterprise that has been carefully studied in advance and subjected to the rigor of an overall plan. Two ensuing Congresses at Frankfurt C. The natural measurements of man himself must serve as a basis for all the scales that will be consonant with the life and diverse functions of the human being: The city is only a part of the economic, social and political entity which constitutes the region.

The situation can be turned to advantage by the introduction of verdant areas.

In Le Corbusier’s Palace of the Soviets competition entry failed to gain acceptance from the jury and, due to the political conditions in Russia, Atens agenda became increasingly ignored. Certain city officials will see fit, alas, to single out for the construction of a working-class district a zone hitherto disregarded because it is invaded by fog, because the dampness of the place is excessive, or because it swarms with mosquitoes…They will decide that some north-facing slope, which has never attracted anyone precisely because of its exposure, or that some stretch of ground reeking with soot, smoking coal slag, and the deleterious gases of some occasionally noisy industry, will always be good enough to house the uprooted, atjens populations known as unskilled labor.